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Dec 09

Hank Johnson: Fast and Furious is the Tea Party and NRA’s fault…


Rep. Hank Johnson accused the tea party movement and the National Rifle Association of creating an “manufactured” controversy over Operation Fast and Furious Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson accused the tea party movement and the National Rifle Association of creating an “manufactured” controversy over Operation Fast and Furious Thursday. Johnson’s comments came during an interview …

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Dec 01

Why the Occupy groups are just like the Tea Party…. yeah right.

Remember the tons of trash and filth left behind by the Tea Party? Yeah, I don’t either, but you might remember the trash left behind by the Obamabots in 2009 here, so how clean are they keeping their Occupy locations? Seems not very… Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent …

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Nov 16

Crime Roundup: Occupy Party verses Tea Party

Occupy Party verses Tea Party This only covers reported actions and events, the Occupy Group as made an effort to NOT report crimes to the media or police. Due to the fluid nature of event these are only current as of  0700 11/15/11   REPORTED OCCUPY PARTY TEA PARTY ARREST 4149+ 0 DEATHS 7 0 …

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Oct 20

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Ph. D. = Educated Useless Idiot


Dr. Marc Lamont Hill Ph. D. the former token black liberal on Fox, fired for supporting cop killer Shekur and now only an annoying guest liberal propagandist that claims to be an educated intellectual and understand the world around him and the people in it far, far better than you ever will told Ted (Bill …

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Oct 11

Ain’t Capitalist engaging in Capitalism…


It’s your typical liberal hypocrisy anti capitalist and anti-banking protestors using all the fruits of capitalism to somewhat organize their incoherent protest. So I ask who is printing their paper and printing it on what? Gutenberg Presses and handmade paper? Who is paying for the paper, the ink, the printing and distribution … hmm I’m …

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Oct 06

Ask your Liberal Friends why the Democrats don’t want jobs?

Now get this… Durbin says Democrats don’t currently have the votes for Obama jobs bill Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said, at the moment, Democrats in Congress don’t have the votes to pass President Obama’s jobs bill, but Durbin added that that situation would change. “Not at the moment, I don’t think we do, …

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Sep 11

9/12/2001 Forgotten…

Do you remember 9/12/2001? For a brief period there we were all a little nicer to each other.. we weren’t left or right or center or indifferent, we weren’t Black or White or Hispanic, or Asian, we weren’t rich or poor or middle class, we were Americans and that’s all we were. One Nation, one …

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Sep 07

Jesse Jackson is a slave

Jesse Jackson Says Tea Party Supports the “Slave Amendment” Jesse Jackson spoke at a Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall this past week. He said the “Fort Sumter Tea Party” supports the Tenth Amendment, or as he calls it, “the slave amendment”. Because of this, their fight against the Tea Party is a Civil War struggle. …

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Aug 08

More Liberal Propaganda… Blame the Tea Party

MoveOn.org drives new liberal catch phrase: ‘Tea party downgrade’ The left-wing activist group MoveOn.org picked up the new liberal slogan bashing conservatives for Standard & Poor’s U.S. credit rating downgrade: “Tea Party downgrade.” President Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry both used the phrase on Sunday talk shows. In …

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Aug 04

Gimme, gimme, gimme… No!

Have you ever taken a child to the store and there is some shiny toy in the check out line and the child tells you they want it and you say you don’t need it and the child then throws a huge screaming fit and you say I said you don’t need it! You can’t …

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