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Apr 03

Americans’ poorest since the failed War on Poverty began …

I’m sorry I read this piece from the UK Daily Mail and I thought I’d make a comment, but the more I read the more I thought it needed to be taken apart… normally the UK Daily Mail is OK but they are off the rails in the majority of this story … U.S. sees …

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Mar 13

Are you a Libertarian? Part 2

OK I take it you read Part 1 … if not, go do that I’ll wait. I covered a few of the Libertarian basics as I see it, your views may vary. The first thing we covered was PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY … so to refresh … you are responsible for your person. Now assuming you read …

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Jan 27

Who is the real burden to the healthcare system? … Healthy people.

I guess you heard the media say something about letting the fat smokers die … AP, NBC Ask: Time to Publicly Shame the Obese, Let Smokers Die? Today, Associated Press medical writer Mike Stobbe published a piece that takes seriously the idea of singling out smokers and the overweight with public shaming campaigns: That said, public …

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Nov 08

Thank you, America

Taken from the Daily Caller… Thank you, America. Thank you for re-electing Barack Obama. Thank you for solidifying Obamacare. Thank you for ensuring that my health insurance rates will rise to the point where my employer drops my coverage. Thank you for future higher prescription drug prices, for lower quality care, for long lines to …

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Nov 05

1 Day to go…


1 day, 24 hours to go… And the biggest reason to get rid of Barack Hussein Obama… Barack Hussein Obama

Oct 31

5 Days to go…

5 Days to go… Another reason to get rid of Obama… OBAMACARE and all it’s taxes.  Need I say more?  

Oct 09

28 Days to go..

28 days to fix all that is broken… Obama she your taxes will not go up – not one dime. The 10% racist WHITE tax on tanning beds. The increase in tobacco taxes by 61 cents per pack that disproportionately effect the poor and these is on top of increasing state taxes. Oh as a …

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Sep 24

43 Days to go…

43 more ways to leave the liar… Bullshit Detector Overload Obama’s AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector By David Catron on 9.24.12 @ 6:09AM The President told so many whoppers last Friday that it fried the machine’s circuits President Obama spoke via satellite to the AARP “Life@50+” convention last Friday morning and I was foolish …

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Sep 06

61 Days to go …

61 more days of words, words, words and all the noise, noise, noise …. This video is a little over 13 minutes long and I HIGHLY recommend you watch the entire thing and send it to your friends and liberals… WORDS MATTER … Personally I’ve sent this to some liberals and asked them why does …

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