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Feb 29

Vice President Rand Paul?


Study: Over 20 debates, Paul attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times — but never once attacked Romney Caveat: The study comes from Think Progress. But in case you’re inclined to doubt it because of its provenance, note that The Corner’s Patrick Brennan also reviewed transcripts from the last seven debates dating back to January 7 and …

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Feb 16

Lunch Nazi’s

If you read my Facebook page you saw this a couple of days ago… Attack of the Lunch Police The Department of Health and Human Services, which thanks to ObamaCare will soon be the most powerful and unaccountable government organization in the Western world, has really been feeling its oats lately. Fresh from its triumph …

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Dec 05

The facts behinds the Organic Food Scam…

Especially labels you can't trust...

So I was in the grocery the other day getting a few items to make dinner and I grabbed a few green peppers at $0.69 each and right above them were some USDA certified Organic green peppers for $1.79 each… a $1.79?? WTF? $1.79 for a single green pepper half the size? Now I’ve read …

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Nov 28

You have the right to… oops no you don’t.

Well, well, well look at this crap here… the senate has a bill to allow the military to arrest and detain citizens without trail or charges… just because. Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial “The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — …

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Oct 02

The Myth of Smoking and Healthcare Cost…

Did you see the Herman Cain commercial with the guy smoking? It you were to listen to the mainstream media you would have thought they showed Elmo shooting heroin on Sesame Street! Here are a few quotes from the media… MATTHEWS: A strange ad, with smoking in it! BEHAR: Are they going for the pro-emphysema …

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Sep 30

Killing Awlaki – was it legal?

Anwar al-Aulaqi needed a good killing that is a fact, but was the process constitutional? Anwar al-Aulaqi, U.S.-born cleric linked to al-Qaeda, killed in Yemen Anwar al-Aulaqi, a radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric and one of the most influential al-Qaeda leaders wanted by the United States, was killed Friday in a CIA drone strike in northern …

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Sep 22

Elizabeth Warren and liberal logic…

Elizabeth Warren was an Obama adviser; currently a Harvard Law Professor and she is now running against Scott Brown in Massachusetts for the US Senate… listen to this women and see all that is wrong with liberals and liberalism (the real crazy stuff starts about the minute mark). Have your duct tape ready… Hey Elizabeth, …

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Sep 13

Polly wanna bill…rrraawkk


I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this bill – hopefully they’ll post it online. First it’s not paid for until congress figures out how to pay for it – which will never happen. I swear Obama sound like a parrot… rrraawkk pass the bill, pass the bill, rrraawkk pass the bill, pass the bill… …

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Aug 22

Religion and Politics


It has always been said that religion and politics makes strange bed fellows – it is also said you should never talk about either. Well I’m going to – if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you likely know I rarely ever bring up or talk about religion and that’s because I …

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Aug 02

Don’t you know you’re an idiot?


Well the government thinks you are… With the debt debate going on government as usual is trying to pull a fast one – the villainizing of the member of the Tea Party by the left, the elitist right, the old guard and the media is prove of the power they wield. Their complaint has been …

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