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Oct 20

Just an update from the Real World …

I haven’t posted much lately I haven’t had time to do it … well I’ve had time to write something down but not the motivation to post it. See the Republicans and the Democrats are the same thing … worthless. And the government has done nothing but piss me off. The Government Shutdown was nothing …

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Sep 08


I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been busy with other things as I try to get a my life back after being raped by the Obama administration for the last 5 years … so I thought it was time to point out that there is a killer among us, a killer easily accessible by …

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Mar 13

Are you a Libertarian? Part 2

OK I take it you read Part 1 … if not, go do that I’ll wait. I covered a few of the Libertarian basics as I see it, your views may vary. The first thing we covered was PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY … so to refresh … you are responsible for your person. Now assuming you read …

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Jan 16

Hmmm Fortress Neighborhoods – Good Idea/Bad Idea?

So I saw this story this past weekend and I got to thinking a little about it, normally I think this kind of ideas are silly and not worth the time of day. However, as I do live around a lot of Amish and they have about the same thing going on less the fortress …

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Nov 28

I’m speechless for a post title… just listen to the audio…

Audio time 0:03:47 She sounds lucid with good articulation and initially comes off as intelligent then this happens… Really I hope she is joking, but somehow I don’t think she is… I’ve met people just this stupid – you know I bet she voted for Obama.

Sep 24

43 Days to go…

43 more ways to leave the liar… Bullshit Detector Overload Obama’s AARP Speech Broke My BS Detector By David Catron on 9.24.12 @ 6:09AM The President told so many whoppers last Friday that it fried the machine’s circuits President Obama spoke via satellite to the AARP “Life@50+” convention last Friday morning and I was foolish …

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Sep 21

Obama administration spends $70,000 to run commercail in Pac-E-ston denouncing unseen film…


‘We absolutely reject its content and message’: Obama and Clinton featured in paid advert broadcasting on Pakistani TV condemning anti-Islam film State Department paid $70,000 to run adverts in Pakistan featuring President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Ad now running on seven Pakistani networks Obama and Clinton say they respect all religion and …

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Jul 17

Americans Joining Disability Now Outpacing Americans Finding Jobs


I know people that have been trying to get disability for years, people that are actually disabled – but they keep getting turned down while others with next to no disability are being approved in record time. Why? Well the group being turned down are of the majority and the ones being approved are of …

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Jul 03

Pelosi doesn’t like free loaders … she loves them.

Try to suffer through 59 second of Pelosi as she tries to call ObamaTax a penalty. This will be the MSM and Liberal spin until the election – the court called it a tax, the Obama Lawyers argued it was a tax and now they are trying to spin it into a something other than …

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Jun 28

Thank you Chief Justice Roberts… (WTF did AWG just say?)

That’s right I said “Thank you John Roberts” … I know have I lost my mind? Have I drown in the liberal Kool-Aid cesspool? No! And a thousand times no…  but think about it – what mobilized the 2010 conservative vote? ObamaCare. What brought about the creation of the Tea Party? ObamaCare. What pisses off …

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