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Sep 15

Are you as SHOCKED as I am … Al Gore was wrong!

No I’m not shocked either … Wrong: Al Gore Predicted Arctic Summer Ice Could Disappear In 201 A 2007 prediction that summer in the North Pole could be “ice-free by 2013” that was cited by former Vice President Al Gore in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech has proven to be off… by 920,000 square …

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Mar 13

Are you a Libertarian? Part 2

OK I take it you read Part 1 … if not, go do that I’ll wait. I covered a few of the Libertarian basics as I see it, your views may vary. The first thing we covered was PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY … so to refresh … you are responsible for your person. Now assuming you read …

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Apr 22

Happy Earth Day – Then and Now

Hey Libtards... this is a great idea for you.

A repost/reprint from Reason Magazine May 2000 – long but worth reading. A look back at how most all dire Earth Day predictions have failed to come to fruition… The planet’s future has never looked better. Here’s why. By Ronald Bailey Thirty Years ago, 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day on April …

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Apr 01

If you don’t believe in Climate Change you’re a racist…

Kari Norgaard

I was going to do a April Fools Day post like liberalism is great and I’ve been wrong all along… but I came across this fool so why create a fool when we’re surrounded by them? So first things first the climate always changes it’s called seasons – the global warming alarmist changed the term …

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Mar 14

Global Warming makes you fat…

You can’t make this crap up … well maybe if you are on crack you could. Pretty much what they are saying is Global Warming causes obesity without actually saying it – see they blame Global Warming on CO2 emissions so by extension Global Warming makes you fat… according to these clowns. New theory: CO2 …

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Jun 21

More Global Warming trickery…

Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for ‘Adjusted’ Sea-Level Data Is climate change raising sea levels, as Al Gore has argued — or are climate scientists doctoring the data? The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters — or about the thickness of a fingernail — every year …

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Feb 03

It’s Global Warming… really… promise… what?


The ill effects of global warming in Chicago Actually I get tired of pointing this out to the loony liberals but it takes so much and so long to drill it into their heads that yes the climate does change – but man has little if anything to do with it.

Feb 01

Obama, Global Warming, Electric Cars and Reality

Senators vow to strip Obama climate power Conservative senators vowed Monday to strip President Barack Obama of his power to regulate greenhouse gases, in a move that would cripple US efforts on climate change if successful. Only liberals would think man has the power to change the climate. Eleven Republican senators introduced a bill that …

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Dec 28

What a difference 4 days makes…


LAST WEEK DEC 23, 2010 Sen. Menendez writes to Santa of his concern over the melting North Pole, offers New Jersey as an alternative site The senator writes: “I am worried about your safety and your ability to deliver billions of Christmas gifts if the ice cap on the North Pole no longer stays frozen …

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Dec 20

Flashback: Snow a thing of the past… virtual cold the future.

Liberals as anyone knows are subject to hyperbole and letting their mouth’s write checks their ass can’t cash. It wasn’t that long ago that many in the global warming movement where writing about how snow and winter was just a thing of the past and the kids growing up today would only read about it …

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