Jun 15

Sick of the BS…

How many workers does it take to patch a hole?

Note that this post is not directed at any teachers, firefighters and cops – I know many of each and most are fine hard working conservatives – this post is about how they are used as pawns and I have to wonder how long are the teachers, the  firefighters and the cops continue to allow themselves to be used as union pawns?

Have you ever noticed how anytime any city, town, village, whatever has to raise taxes or cut the budget it is always, I mean always without fail the cops, firefighters and teachers that will have to be cut… every stinking time. Just listen (if you can stand it) to Obama and his rhetoric about if Romney is elected he’ll cut the budget and how teachers, firefighters and cops will bear the brunt of the cuts – oh there is nothing else we could cut in Obama’s socialist world not the EPA, not the Czars, not the GSA, not the wasteful spending in every Department in government, not Moocheles huge staff, not her vacations and not hand outs to ACORN, SEIU and bailouts to Union buddies…  Oh no, it will be the teachers, the firefighters and the cops every time – I’m sick of hearing it. So LET ME BE CLEAR… I’m sick of it! Just STFU already.

It doesn’t stop there even at the local level it’s never will they have to cut people at the Tax Acessors Office or the County Clerk’s Office or the City Clerks Office or the DMV or the trash collection or the damn Road Department that sends 15 people out to patch a pothole. (See photo) It’s the teachers, the firefighters and the cops, primarily when Democrats are in office.

I get so sick of hearing this same stupid line of excuses – you know what cut the teachers, the cops and the firefighters! The other night I called the cops at 1 AM because of people snooping around the barn and pond it took them an hour to call me back to tell me that they’d send someone out to look around – WTF don’t call me and tell me you are going to send someone out! Just send someone out here right damn now! I said “Hell, they’re gone now and they’ve been gone 45 minutes! What’s the point?” That’s no shit it happened the other night… meanwhile in the city if there is a real crime it takes them an hour or three to show up and if there is a traffic stop for failure to yield there will be six of them there.

Go to any school and there is as many people on the payroll working in administration as there are allegedly teaching the kids, I say allegedly because some are just marking time to retirement but that’s an entirely different complaint, others are excellent teachers. Now to be fair our county public schools here are some of the highest rated in the state – there is a reason for that and call it racist – I don’t care but the city school is poorly ranked and heavily populated by various transient and minority populations and the country school are primarily not – coincident? I think not as I’ve seen it too many times and too many towns.

As for firefighters where I live it’s all volunteer in the country – and if you have a fire, odd are your house will burn down before they show up for most of them are at work and have to drive to the firehouse before leaving to put out a fire. Hey, hats off to them for volunteering, but the facts are we pay a hefty fee for their service, but speed is not their forte. So it’s not like they are just sitting around waiting on a call and like teachers I get a hefty bill for their services build into my property taxes… in fact show me a bill I get that doesn’t have school taxes attached to it! Singularly the biggest tax I pay every year is School Tax since it is on nearly every local service bill I get.

So Obama can lie that the teachers, the cops and the firefighters will be looking a job if the GOP wins… the reality is there are plenty of other areas that can be cut, tons of areas and 1000′s and 1000′s of do-nothing government jobs that can be eliminated. Because regardless what Obama tries to say – federal workers do not contribute to the coffers, they take for it.



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