Mar 27

Will the White-Negro President condemn the racist White-Hispanic Cracker shirt? (Naw he’ll probably buy one)

Random thoughts on the Zimmerman/Martin three ring circus…

An Unfortunate T-Shirt Hits Florida Streets In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Killing

Expanding the definition of “cracker,” a t-shirt featuring the photo of the man who shot Trayvon Martin is now available for purchase.

As seen at right (click to enlarge), the shirt has a picture of George Zimmerman and the words “Pussy Ass Cracker.” Zimmerman, a 28-year-old Hispanic, killed Martin, 17, last month while acting as a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida.

The shirt’s “pussy ass cracker” line is apparently a reference to lyrics from the rapper Plies’s song “100 Years,” which bemoans stiff sentences handed out by racist judges.

So let me get this right – Barack Obama is half Black and half White and has a Black sounding name so therefore he is Black and that anyone that is White and disagrees with him is racist.

George Zimmerman is half White and half Hispanic and has a White sounding name so therefore since he shot and killed a Black kid he is not Hispanic but White and referred to as a ‘cracker’ and somehow this is NOT racist?

Little side note – Zimmerman list himself as only Hispanic and a Democrat on his Florida voter registration card.

Now I’ll note that the New York Slimes report Zimmerman as a White-Hispanic… OK then hence forth I will refer to Obama as a White-Negro – don’t you dare call that racist it’s the scientific term deal with it.

Anyway… name me just one other bi-racial person the is half White and half another race that doesn’t classify themselves as the minority race? I can’t think of a single person in the public of private eye that calls themselves White if they are of a mixed race… why? Well being White doesn’t afford you any special protection via affirmative action and if you are White you have high expectations – again the truth so deal with that too.

But what I really want to know is how is a possible that the Black Panthers can offer a bounty on Zimmerman’s head to be found and caught dead or alive and somehow the DOJ and Florida AG the FSP nor any other law enforce agency is filing RICO charges against these people. See soliciting murder is still a crime in this country unless the hit is a fetus.

OH well what a strange country we live in… back to listening to the SCOTUS tapes of the ObamaCare debates.

Oh one closing thought… every place I’ve seen this story the papers have reported it as “P**** A** Cracker” … hmmm seems it’s OK to print the word “Cracker” used as a racial slur against Whites but somehow “Pussy Ass” is just to offensive for print.


  • Jblwml

    Blacks are the most racist of all. Everyone seems to think it is cute to bombard whites with their racist nonsense. They are no more than racist parasites that prey on white society. Let us suspend all entitlement programs tomorrow morning and see what blacks think of that. Blacks have turned welfare, food stamps, free lunches, etc. into a life’s work, instead of a stopgap between jobs. Politicians support these programs for votes. We shall begin with a mass replacement of politicians. Incoming politicians will be immediately fired if they veer from their election promises. We are their employers and we should treat them as one would treat employees. Unfortunately, the three hundred million citizens are morons and nothing of any importance will change.     

    • Alexis

      I’m Black and I work everyday. Don’t you ever categorize all of us, because I’d never say that all Whites are pedophiles because it’s not true! I don’t know/care what you do for a living, but I don’t need crutch programs as you’ve already assumed we all use. You’re just a typical racist who don’t know the first thing about critical thinking and instead of sitting on here complaining, why don’t you fight the system that allowd these programs in the first place. I come home from work tired as hell everyday. Working 12 hrs, trying to pay off student loans because I didn’t qualify for pell grants. Just like you, it frustrates me that I have to pay taxes while these lazy b I t c h e s sit on their asses, but don’t assume that it’s just Blacks, where is your grievance with Latinos who are milking your ass along with mine? You should also deny that White women take advantage of these programs as well. So, before you label all of us, know who I am before making assumptions because it’s a damn shame that I work my ass off everyday and still get labeled by people like you as someone living off the system. Don’t do that…

      • http://www.facebook.com/bradgreenwood Bradley Greenwood

        Anyone with a brain knows that not all of ANY demographic are the same. Racism is convenient for lazy people, you get to hate a bunch of people without having to get to know them. Then, you are thrown into turmoil when you make a friend of that race. I am an equal-opportunity hater. And, YES, racism is present in ALL ethnicities/races.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bradgreenwood Bradley Greenwood

    That is so cool! I’d like to hang with him, wearing my “Ghetto-Ass Nigger” t-shirt with him and his jacked-up grill… and greasy extensions.

  • maria antonieta

    george zimmerman is not half hispanic, anyone could be a half hispanic, if your first language is spanish you are hispanic, Zimmerman´s first language is spanish for that he is Hispanic not only HALF, it´s cultural not about bllod or race.Then if you want to compare with the case of Obama, saying that Zimmerman is half White and half hispanic it´s like say that Obama is half White and half American(his father is fron kenia), he is not half American, he is an American whit black and white ancestry.

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