Feb 02

Selective Liberal Outrage on Subsidies…

One of my libtard friends posted this bitching about the amount of money used to subside big farming/business and the fact that sugars and meats out paced grains and vegetables by far… now a side note that this liberal is a hardcore anti-meat vegan spewing vegan propaganda endlessly.

(Ever notice how vegans have a need to tell you how and what to eat and how they are so much better than you for eating the way they do? Why? I am not forcing a bacon-burger on them.)

So I asked where is the food stamp spending pyramid? And if they have such a problem with the distributions of federal taxpayer money to specific food products /groups produced by farms, then why are the liberals so against telling people using those same federal taxpayer dollars what food products they can buy or not not buy on food stamps paid for with those same tax dollars?

I went on to say I know I’m comparing apples and apples here, you know the same thing and I’ll never get an intelligent answer from them – so far – days later, I am still waiting, because liberals can’t argue with logic.

It’s like this Liberal only want to control the money given to businesses and not the money given to individuals – but yet they want to bitch about obesity and instead of restricting the food products people on subsidies (SNAP i.e. food stamps) can buy they’d rather force business to change their overall menu.

Frankly I don’t agree with any handout be it business or individual with the one small caveat of the elderly and disabled… able bodied people on government handout should world for they handout if it’s mowing parks, picking up trash, working in recycling centers, etc… earn your keep and a skill at the same time. Just sayin’…

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