Jan 15


You might have read on my AWG Facebook page that I was growing sick of Firefox… for the record I started using Firefox way back when it first started and they changed their name to Firefox from Phoenix (Copyright thing with the BIOS company) … I think it was Firefox 0.8 or 0.9 – I had other browsers that I used way back then like NeoPlanet, Opera and a some I now forget and are nothing more than dust bunnies in lost corners of the web.

So it’s safe to say I’ve used Firefox for a long, long time and in the early days it was fast, slim and stable – but as the years past Firefox got bigger and bigger and more and more bloated. Well the last incarnation of Firefox I used was 9.01 as there updates became a weekly thing and if you didn’t update it would nag you endlessly about updating. With each passing update it came more and more unstable and I foolishly kept updating thing that they would have fixed whatever it was that was screwed up and maybe I’d have my fast stable Firefox back.

How silly of me to think that, because the more they improved it the worse it got.

So one day after about 20 or so “Firefox is not responding” and freezes and slow type and restarts… because I’m not the fastest typist in the world but it’s pretty damn sad that you can type and the cursor doesn’t move until a minute or so later and then didn’t get everything I typed – I gave up! I said screw it and switched to Google Chrome to see if my fairly new computer was on the fritz or if it was as I suspected… the formally slim and fast Firefox had become slow and bloated.

For the techies… Firefox now sucks up a ton for memory, more than any other browser and runs a butt load of background operation some that require you to reboot your computer if it crashed freezes because they will continue to run and not allow re-opening the program back up. How much bigger is memory usage… as much as 4-6 times the amount of other browsers and that will really bog down your machine to a snails pass.

So now that I’ve been using Google Chrome I haven’t had a freeze one, not a single not responding and even with the addition of extensions it has ran smoothly and easily imported all of my Firefox settings and bookmarks automatically with a single click.

For the record I had very few problems with Firefox on any of my 32-bit XP Pro machines, but it failed endlessly on my Win 7 Pro machines and according to Firefox support threads the developers blamed some extensions - I doubt this as I had disabled nearly all of them except Adblock Pro and the problem persisted… so I concluded that Firefox the formally great slim and fast browser now SUCKS!

By the way in addition to Google Chrome; RockMelt is a good replacement browser and I never thought I hear myself say… even Internet Explorer is far more stable than Firefox is today, because Firefox SUCKS!!


  • rob in katy

    and it will lock up on you in the middle of youporn.com… might I also suggest “srware iron”, it is the sanitized version of Chrome without all Google’s tracking crap.

  • Ed

    Yep I used to use FireFox for more than just the great Addons for debugging and web development, but now i dread launching that fat bloated beast. New name change suggestions > FatSlug, FrozenSnail, SlowSloth. But i have to say that thanks to FireFox i have now fully converted to Google Chrome. I didn’t really like Chrome at first because it seemed too stripped down, but now i cannot imagine using any other browser to navigate >>> Speed + Security = SWEET!

    I hope FF pulls out of the nose dive they have been in for quite a while now.  Is there such a thing as a browser diet?  Cuz FatSlug needs to seriously loose some coding weight.

    • Ed

      I take it all back now – FireFox is the BEAST!!! once again. Now that is what i call a comeback – FireFox is lightening fast again with even more awesome bells and whistles – Outstanding Mozilla!!!

      • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

        I’m to have to agree recently I’ve had nothing but problems out of Chrome and I’ve updated and switched by to Firefox. Chrome became a memory hog and would max out my CPU on a rather powerful machine with only 6 or 7 tabs open. I couldn’t print from eBay shipping and pages would just freeze. I have no idea what happened one day it was fine and the next it was like molasses was poured in the code. So about 2 days ago I had to start looking for yet another browser and I give Firefox another chance and so far it’s acting like the old Firefox… fast, stable and bug free, but it’s only been two days so I’m still watching it closely and I’m not fully trusting of it yet.

  • Josh

    Funny, everyone who still uses Firefox always blames browser extensions for crashing. If that is true, it’s probably because Mozilla seem to re-write the browser every damn time and all the addons don’t work anymore!
    I’m currently using Opera but was forced to use Firefox 9 (or whatever the hell it is this week). It was quite sleek actually, but felt it was bland compared to others which have quirky features whereas Firefox looks like something a 13-year old would make who’s just learnt how to use Visual Basic. Also, when I tried install addons, then the problems started happened… even after uninstalling them, it still was amazingly slow. Also, Flash and JavaScript seemd to crash every damn minute – it couldn’t handle a page with 3 Flash adverts on it whereas Opera would do that fine (even though Opera is the worst browser to use Flash in).
    I want the old Firefox back. Back when it was cool. Back when it didn’t update every goddamn day. Back when the had a proper versioning system. Back when it JUST WORKED.

  • Cath

    You are 100% correct and I also moved to Chrome.  I just got so tired of it locking up and the memory bloat was unreal.

  • Larry

    Same boat as you, used it since the “Phoenix” days, had it customized to the hilt, so it was hard to make the move but I finally did and that bloated piece of unstable, memory-hogging sh** will never see the light of day on my machine again. Good job boys, you actually made the thing worse and worse with each new version, piss off firef*ck.

  • Ttown01

    Same here.  I loved, loved, loved Firefox for many years. It was fast and rock solid stable.  Now…holy freakin’ crap!……it sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks sucks, SUUUUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS!!!! Takes FOREVER to recover from pc hibernation.  Freezes, hangs, lags randomly. Locks my whole system sometimes.   It is a bigger piece of sh*t as IE, the browser I left behind for it orginally.  So….BUU-B-EYE Foxy…..Chrome’s my home now

  • ~TZO~

    There’s only two extensions that I use, other than that FF can go to hell!

    My main browser is Opera, as it’s much faster and very stable…AND you can have over 100 tabs and it still beats the ever living crap out of fire snail any day! I would use Chrome, but google is much too evil for my tastes…Plus, with Opera you can easilly recall entire sessions that loads seperately from your current browser, that INCLUDES every-single-tab that you’ve saved, which is better than FF’s flimsy attempts!

  • brudda

    Long live SeaMonkey!

  • Jim Morduck

    So, you’re ranting about a product provided to you freely?  Typical Angry White Guy mentality.  Whatever happened to that rugged individualism you all seem to think you somehow exude.  As a White Guy w/ a SERIOUSLY antiquated idea that adults/professionals are supposed to control emotions (and not the other way around, as is SOOOO much the trend…in the last 4 years), I say:  quitcherbitchin and switch to one of the many other free products.  Now go have a yourself productive day!

    • Jim Davis

      She did switch. To Google Chrome. That doesn’t make Firefox suck any less. Or make those of us who used it in it’s phoenix/firebird days mourn its passing any less.

    • Landis

      the problem is, it’s no longer a ‘manly’ browser. It’s been hijacked by people like you. A bunch of ‘everyone gets a blue ribbon’ sissies with ‘evolved feelings’ that can’t take criticism and take every critique as a slam on their baby’. So, from that warped frame of reference, we are ‘given’ a ‘touchy – feely’ gay-ass worthless ‘product’ where ‘they’ are more concerned with the UI being ‘pretty’ (which they totally missed on) than they are with the function. FF will Never be ‘good’ again. Not at least, until the ‘fags’ quit running the show and ‘Angy White Men’ and Women stand up and say, ‘enough is enough’, ‘sit your progressive ass down and Shut Up!’… Gay is Not a good framework.

      or something like that
      p.s., you need no more evidence than the Messed up versioning system. No other product on earth uses it….

  • Ιάσονας Παπαδόπουλος

    Everything you say is wrong.

  • AngryOldFart

    I have theory that software reaches maximum efficiency and stability somewhere between release 3 and release 5.  Version 1 is generally just barely stable, 2 is a bug fix for 1, somewhere between 3 and 5 you get if working decently.  And then after that you start approaching the “bolting wings on bus to make it fly” syndrome.  Firefox started out as a stripped down, cleaned up version of Netscape which was bus with wings.  But for some reason they lost sight of the original objective which was to be lean, mean and stable and got into playing mine is bigger than yours.  Generally this comes down to ego.  For an open source project ego gratification is probably the main motivation anyway.  I mean we all have ego, but subordinating to the greater good is frequently the best thing for humanity in general.   My two cents worth.

  • asd

    My heart weeps but this is all true.

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