Dec 08

Obama: Liar, Hater, Divider…

Did you hear the Obama speech the other day – what a divisive, hateful, lie filled speech from a man that clearly hates the country he was elected to lead. Obama is leading American… right over a cliff.

Full text of Barack Obama’s speech in Osawatomie, Kansas

I was going to go through this line by line and retort it paragraph by paragraph but with every Obama speech it far to long with I think is by design to deter people from just that, either that or Obama just likes to hear himself talk. It is clear, crystal clear to me Obama doesn’t understand anything about economics, he understands nothing about what makes America great he is a absolute fool. I don’t say that just because I don’t like him, he is a economic moron.

I read this speech to make sure I heard it correctly what he said and I did hear correctly – he is clueless about business, he is clueless about America. Obama wants a socialist country and I think he wants to be a dictator. Why anyone that want to succeed in America can support this guy is a complete mystery to me.

The entire speech was just unpresidential and frankly unAmerican.

Obama’s Kansas speech: some suspect facts

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