Jul 26

Hey, President Divider… where is your plan?

Anyone that listened to that partisan hate speeches by Obama both Friday and Monday night? I listened to Friday and I started on Mondays but about 1 minute into it I hit mute as it was going to be the same old tired bullsh!t that we’ve all heard before. Raise taxes, raise taxes and spend more.

Here is the deal in short… the GOP has offered up 4 plans…. Cut, Cap and Balance; The Ryan Plan; The McConnell Plan and The Gang of Six Plan. Are they perfect? No, not in the least! The Democrats on the other hand have offered up nothing – not a plan or anything tangible on paper. Just a bunch of partisan rhetoric and Presidential whining. The Democrats haven’t even offered up a budget in over 810 days… the government have been operating on Continuing Resolutions for over two years… Barack Obama did offer up a budget, a budget so bad, so over reaching that not even the Democrats in the Senate would vote for it – it went down 97-0.

Obama continues to “take his case to the American people” and so far – just as with ObamaCare his popularity and polls number drop. What Obama doesn’t realize due meaning to his clinical narcissism is that the new has worn off and anyone not on the Kool-Aid are taking a second look at him and seeing him for the divisive partisan that he is.

And where is Obama’s Plan? Even Carney had to admit that Obama doesn’t have a plan – he bad mouths all the plans out there but where is his? Put up or shut up Obama!

America under Obama has slid faster and faster down the hill – unemployment regularly over 9%, gas has doubled and food price rise with every trip to the grocer – private sector raises are nonexistent and the only standards of living improving are in Washington.

America can not afford 4 more years of Barack Obama – America cannot afford a Democrat Senate. America has to make some hard choices and adult decisions about the future of this nation and that will never happen with children running the White House.

Now those on the left and on the Kool-Aid will as always play the race card – Obama will play the class warfare card and continue to push for his socialist utopia. Additionally Obama will toss out rhetoric phrases like “shared sacrifice”, “revenues in the tax code”, “balanced approach” and other bags of bullshit to baffle to the clueless.

However the current plan laid down by Boehner is flawed and the House GOP agrees…

House GOP revolts against Boehner plan

House Republicans do not have enough support to pass their debt-ceiling increase plan on their own, a top conservative said Tuesday as his party’s leaders tried to cobble together a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to put the bill over the top.

So why aren’t the House GOP applauding this plan? Mainly because the spending INCREASES come first and maybe somewhere down the road the spending cuts come and what’s the problem with this? Well anytime congress puts spending cuts in place that will be spread out over 5 or 10 years are meaningless as no current congress can constrict future congresses without a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT! So a balances budget amendment is the only way to balance the budget.

BUT! There is a problem with a Constitutional Amendment – it gives Federal Judges the authority to render decisions on the Federal budget. So something would have to be written into the constitution to prevent that if that is even possible.

And that is the problem with saying oh we’re cut spending a trillion or so over 10 years… it’s bullshit and nothing but a political game to fool the public. Boehner talked tough the other night but the plan is weak.

What I have never understood and never gotten a decent answer for is why are spending cuts spend out over decades and they are rarely enough to offset the spending deficit in one year? To me it’s like making the minimum payment on a maxed out credit card… you’ll never pay it off.


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