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Why don’t liberals attack the cost of college?

The liberals and mainstream democrats in conjunction with the most of the media attack private business and their profit, but yet they never say a word about the cost of their own indoctrination centers – that being most public colleges and universities. Why not scrutinize their tuition rates and salaries? Why not look at what their heads and coaches are being paid – how many middle class and poorer Americans are being gouged by BIG EDUCATION or denied completely due to lack of funds?

Ranks of millionaire college presidents grow

Thirty [university] presidents received more than $1 million in pay and benefits in 2008, according to an analysis of federal tax forms by The Chronicle of Higher Education. More than 1 in 5 chief executives at the 448 institutions surveyed topped $600,000.

Most of the pay packages were negotiated before the full force of the recession. But even if the numbers dip slightly in next year’s survey, executive pay is expected to keep climbing over the long term as colleges compete for top talent. And schools are rewarding executives while raising tuition, exposing themselves to criticism.

At large research universities, the median pay was $760,774; it was $387,923 at liberal arts colleges and $352,257 at undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities.

WOW!  Million bucks and topping $600,000.00 a year and you wonder why tuition is so much? Now factor in what coaches are paid, many if whom are over $2,000,000.00 a year for football coaches and just as high for college basketball coaches. For example here in my only glorious Commonwealth of Kentucky – UK basketball head coach John Calipari salary ranks #1 at over $4,000,000 per year and U of L (Louisville) coach Rick Pitino in at #6 at $2,250,000.00 per year both with perks and bonuses which are not factored into their salaries. Now the off ranking polls UK is ranks nationally at #12 or 13 depending on the poll and U of L didn’t even make the top 25 so what the hell are we paying these huge saleries for? How much cheaper could education be without them?

After all…

Rising pay for coaches puts pressure on athletic departments

A recent study conducted for the Knight Commission found that only six of the 120 NCAA Division I-A athletic departments made money in each of the last five years.

“That means a lot of money is being siphoned away from academics and into athletics,” Zimbalist said.

Looks like pay cuts are in order for athletics… exactly what are colleges for – education or sports? I like sports, I’m not a sports junkie that stays piled up watching every game that is on and Tivo’ing the rest so I can spend every waking hour submerged in athletics and as I’ve said in the past there are so many ridiculous rules nowadays that it is no longer sports as I know it, besides I don’t have 4 or 5 hours to invest in 1 hour game – but that’s another bitch for another day.

Facts are coaches, professors and administrators are making far more than the economy merits, much like the government. They continue to give themselves raises and bonuses on the backs of the poor that have to pay the tuition’s or taxes.

College costs going nowhere but up

As they have for the last ten years, college costs rose faster than inflation this year, according to the report “Trends in College Pricing 2005,” released Tuesday by the College Board, a non-profit association of 4,500 schools, colleges and universities.

The rate of growth in tuition costs at four-year private colleges was about the same as last year — 5.9 percent — to $21,235. But growth slowed in tuition costs at four-year public universities. They rose 7.1 percent to $5,491. Last year, public school tuition jumped 10.5 percent.

Tuition costs, of course, are not the whole nut. Including room and board, the cost of attending a private college is $29,026 per year on average, and $12,127 at four-year public universities.

Did you get a 10.5% raise? I didn’t! So I ask why are we conservative Americans letting these cesspool of liberal propaganda continue to rip us off and pollute the mind of young adults? Do you have kids in college or getting ready to go? Why are we setting still for this increasing cost for a single sheet of paper (Diploma) that really means little in the real world – just so they can try and corrupt the young minds full of mush with their imaginary socialist dreamworld where we all stand in a circle hold hands and sing Kumbaya? Colleges, generally speaking are full of liberal professors living in an imaginary world. Their worlds live in books  and lofty ideas and while college books contain valuable information, that information is useless if you haven’t ever put it into practical application. There is an old saying that goes “Those that can do and those that can’t teach.” This is no offense to teachers, but I ask how can a professor teach business that has never been in business? How can a professor teach human resource management when they’ve never managed the resources of humans? I’m sorry books do not teach the real world – living in it does and there is nothing real world about colleges, it’s a bubble and all bubbles burst. Colleges and professors are in this bubble world of make believe and they spew ideological rhetoric that is based in some Utopian theory and devoid of real world experience.(I could ramble on about this reality for pages, but I’m not.)

Just one question – how many of you were taught something in school and got out in the real world just to discover what you were taught was BS and does not apply? More than a few I bet.

If you doubt me about College Professors? Just talk to some of them and see – admittedly I’ve met a few with a foot in the real world but most are clueless to how things really work – case in point – Obama was a college professor and he is totally clueless about business, the constitution and about nearly everything else. I ask how many professors have you seen on TV spouting off some garbage and you just set there bewildered at their PhD in ignorance. (Prof. Mark LeMont Hill PhD and some blond women from Occidental College who’s name escapes me come to mind – two utter real world morons?) These people tend to think that common sense comes in a book and it doesn’t – it comes from trail and error, screw up and eureka moments, victories and failures all collected over time and experience and put into practical application. One of the reasons that they say youth is wasted on the young.

You know what I would like to see – I would like to see a college professor TRY and teach a class full of business owners and have the “students” ask them questions and watch them meltdown in a pool of their own ignorance. As I have said it is easy to formulate a problem and arrive at a solution with a set rule of parameters, but out here in the real world those parameter are in fact not set but fluid variables that can change at a moments notice without warning and you have to be able to adjust and adapt quickly to survive. What college doesn’t teach you and can’t teach you is the one parameter you cannot totally anticipate and that is the human emotion/personality of the customer, employee or partner.

I am a bit off the subject so the bottom line is simple if it is a private school – charge whatever price you want, whatever the market will bear. However, if the college receives Federal dollars be it grants, loans or tuition’s  then all bets are off and a new standard needs to be put in place. Let’s play this liberal game of “name the salary” like they do at big business and Wall Street and we tell all colleges and universities that receive any public money what they can charge in tuition, books, dorm fees etc – and if they don’t like it then opt out of public money. Seems simple enough to me.

We are all paying higher taxes so federal, state and local governments can give more money to schools that turn around and charge us higher tuition’s for ourselves or our children just to give themselves more money in salaries and perks. So Republicans should go after big education cost and give the liberals a little taste of their own medicine when it comes to price control and dictating salaries.

And while we are at it let’s get rid of tenure too – anyone remember Ward Churchill?

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