Nov 03

The day after the election – Obama got his CHANGE and the GOP get’s Double Secret Probation

Last night was close to, but not quite like a night of great sex when you wake up happy and sticky – well I woke up happy, but it wasn’t sticky… I’m not that easily thrilled to get sticky over an election. But some thrills were to be had nonetheless one of the greatest thrill’s was reading the long-face-down-in-the-dumps tweet of deeply saddened progressive liberals on Twitter, some of whom were tweeting about leaving the country of which I offered them free moving boxes and help packing. I mean really how can a lib pass up on FREE? I really should have cut a pasted a few of them to a Notepad for placement here, but it was just too many and it was too funny reading all their whining.

Another was seeing arrogant Freshmen Alan Grayson of Florida going down in flames, Pelosi gone as Speaker, Obama’s Senate seat goes Republican along with a bunch of other Democrats gone and as state after state, district after district went red the liberal Twitter tweets and the lefts talking heads became more depressed and disparate. One of their only joys – and there were few – was Harry Reid unfortunately hanging on to his seat (Note: How does a man with less than 40% approval in his state win? Smell fishy? You bet it does.) Anyway, this and I will bet you a dime to a dollar will be the liberals lone proof the Tea Party was a complete and utter failure – it’s all they’ve got. A questionable victory with Harry Reid. And while most all had hoped Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell would win I don’t think any one really believed she was a serious contender for a variety of reasons. She seems bright enough (at times) and can effective articulate her point when allowed too – it’s just Delaware is far to damn Liberal to clime that hill with some of her goofy gaffs. (Dem gaff’s like anything Biden says are completely forgiven – Republican gaffs never.) I seriously doubt Mike RINO Castle would have won in Delaware, so for me Delaware remaining blue was no surprise. Kind of like California remaining Blue even though they are broke and the liberals made them that way – I think California is a beautiful state but my God they have more than their quota of idiots out there. Oh BTW Cali – with the Republicans in Washington don’t expect to receive a bailout when your ass goes bankrupt.. and you will.

But back to Dingy Harry Reid, the Liberal Democrats will hold on to this victory as if they kept the House, increased their majority in the Senate, won all the Governors races and crowned Obama King… as one thing to prop up their egos, because they have had their ass handed to them on a Tea Saucer. But it’s not just the Dem’s in DC that are delusional, oh no…  according to MSNBC a gain of 60-65 seats in the House is NOT all that significant! You’ve got to be kidding me. I tried watching a little MSNBC for comedic effect but their collective delusion was just too much. So while the left runs around in denial refusing to admit the obvious the GOP needs to know they are on notice too. They didn’t win because they are Republicans they won to stop the Obama agenda and reel in spending.

This first cleansing of Washington is not a mandate for the GOP they are are nothing more than a place holders for the constitutional conservatives. The members of the GOP along with the new members are on Double Secret Probation and will be closely watched between now and November 2012. You hear me Mitch McConnell? I’ll be watching your RINO ass! This goes for Boehner, Cantor and every Republican member in congress – you are on noticed you are being watched and we don’t want excuses, we’re not looking for you to work with Obama – Obama is welcome to work with us but the compromise will be his. We know we can’t get much accomplished with only the House, but we can kill more of Obama’s agenda and tight it up until it dies. The House controlled by the Republicans can defund most if not all of Obama’s agenda by cutting the purse strings, the Republicans in the Senate have the numbers to stop Harry Reid and frankly it’s good they we didn’t win both the House and the Senate, because if we did Obama would play the victim card from now until Nov 2012… he’ll still play it, it just will not have the same impact.

We won’t know what this new Congress will do until next year and when they take charge they all will be very closely watched, people are involved now and we can not allow apathy to set back in – this election is over but the fight as just begun.

Obama Appeals for ‘Common Ground’ After Democrats Lose House (To bad asshole should have thought about that last year.)

Asked to describe how Tuesday night’s losses felt after such a hard-fought campaign, Obama answered bluntly: “It feels bad.”

Now you know how the last 2 years felt.

Democrats lose centuries of seniority in House (And yet the Republicans are labeled the old white party)

All told, with about a dozen races still uncalled, Democrats have already shed 376 years of congressional experience, and that could go as high as 430 years if five other Democrats lose races in which returns show they are trailing.

What? 430 years of progressive liberal ignorance gone… oh the horror – NOT!

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