Jun 10

Obama: Classless, Clueless and Confused

Let me admit I can spin a tapestry of profanities that will hang in space for eons to come. I’m not necessarily proud of that fact, but growing up on farm, serving in the Marine Corps and year in the industrial world and construction world – it’s a side effect of the environment. I curb it when around women, children and strangers it’s the proper thing to do. Oh sure on occasion I let a few slip here in these post but it’s my blog and I can say whatever the hell I want dammit! Don’t like it, piss off.

However for the President of the United States to go on morning TV, The Today Show when a lot of young kids are  likely around or to go on any TV at anytime for that matter and start tossing profanities around is demeaning to the office and the country and it sets a very bad example. We as parents have enough to contend with without the government making it cool to cuss. So let’s roll back the hands of time and see who here remembers when Ronald Reagan was caught on a live mic calling the press “sons of bitches” anyone remember the stink over that? I remember it some 25 years later. It was played on the news, experts on culture talked about it and the White house ran damage control over calling the press “sons of bitches”… granted their story was weak and I think Reagan actually called them SOB’s and I’d say the press was deserving of it then as they are now.

Reagan cusses on live mike [sic] (Image grab from paper on the right)

But Reagan and the White House knew that you didn’t opening go out and talk “street” so to say as the President of the United States! And while I’m at it and speaking of “street” some on the left are calling Matt Drudge of the DrudgeReport a racist because he said Obama went “street”. Well exactly what was it when the left-wing media called George Bush’s speech as “cowboy” or Sarah Palin as “hick”? One thing you can bet on is that both Bush and Palin would have far more class than to go on morning TV and talk about kicking someones ass – they are both far above that level of juvenile behavior. Anyway, prior administration help the office of the President in much higher respect than to erode its prestige with profanity in interviews – it’s one thing to get caught in a offhand moment or on a live mic like Biden many times, but to knowingly use it in a morning interview is just pathetic and shows how little class this clown has.

The point is Obama and his administration are nothing more than frat boys that are way out of their league – we’re 53 days into this oil leak in the Gulf and Obama hasn’t even spoken to the CEO of BP yet. Obama thinks talking about kicking someones ass is going to win him points with the public – well this public finds his behavior unbecoming of the office and it is disgraceful and with every gallon that washes ashore is further proof of just how ill equipped this guy is to be a leader.

The guy is just clueless has to what to do, he has no direction, no clue and I believe this White house is confused – half of them took huge money from BP including Obama and they are conflicted to act tough with the cash cow of a donor. And now even as some liberals are finally admitting – Katrina had a better response and are stating publicly Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. Take for example Charlie Rangel and his thoughts on the matter …

Rangel on WH faith in BP: They don’t have the slightest clue

Mr. Rangel also believes the administration is in the dark regarding the administration’s faith in BP fixing the break and cleaning up the spill:audio

“I don’t think the administration has the slightest clue. We’re bringing in experts now, in and outside of government, to see whether or not BP will do more. We should have had the answers to that long before we even drilled. Now we’re trying to find the answer after the problem. The potential danger was always there.”

Just figuring that out Charlie? Some of have know for quite a while they are clueless.

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