May 21

Screw you Mexico… I’m staying home

This is a delayed post from the flooding weekend a couple of weeks ago – I bad burnered it with changing politics but with all this Mexican Presidential crap I dug it up…

Originally written on May 6st…

OK we just had Cinco de Mayo … ah so what, big deal and whoopty-do – it’s an American Holiday not celebrated in Mexico made up by Corona Beer – never believe what Wiki says and if you what to celebrate a Mexican holiday  – good for you, go to Mexico.

So in the wake of the illegal immigrant protesting I have a couple of thoughts…

For the most part I like Mexico, I like Hispanics. I’ve been Mexico dozens of times from the border areas to way down deep in old Mexico on there southern border – I enjoy their culture, their food, their music – but it’s just that – it’s theirs! It’s not mine and if I want it – I’ll go there I don’t need it brought here to the degree it is being inflicted upon me. This is America and call me crazy I tend to think that if you come to America expect to see the American culture, you know flags, songs, hot dogs and stuff like that. As an American I have never gone to Mexico or any other country for that matter and said let’s have a parade with the American flag and eat Apple Pie and celebrate the 4th of July. Why? It’s not America and it’s not rocket surgery to figure that in other countries the 4th of July is just a day.

Oh by the way did you know in Mexico it’s illegal to fly a foreign flag? Damn sure is, how about that shit in the wake of the Americanized Cinco de Mayo celebrationo? How about that in the wake of this….
Local School Suspends Student for Removing MEXICAN Flag

So anyway – the other day …

(Note I have a new rant on this posted May 20th 2010

Mexican President Calderon Criticizes Arizona Immigration Law

Mexico’s president says the law is discriminatory — and he warns that relations with Arizona will suffer.

First I doubt he, like Obama even read the law. So I ask – what are you going to do there Felipe Calderon not send as many drugs and illegals over the border? Oh that’s a threat. Somehow I don’t think there is a lot of Mexican tourism in America – oh I see plenty of Hispanics around here but they’re not tourist and they damn sure aren’t snapping holiday photos and buying postcards.

Just a few days earlier the “We’re mad at America” Mexican government said …

Mexico says drug cartels are turning to direct attacks on authorities, calls for more US aid

“They (the United States) contribute very important components in the dynamic of violence,” Interior Secretary Fernandez Gomez-Mont said.

“We need the Americans to step up and recognize the fact that it is their money, their drug demand, that foments and encourages the violence in Mexico. We need the Americans to assume their responsibility,” he said.

The U.S. has supported Mexico’s offensive, providing helicopters, dogs, surveillance gear and other law-enforcement support through the $1.3 billion Merida Initiative. “That is not a small amount, but it is not sufficient,” Gomez-Mont said.

So let me get this right Mexico is complaining the Arizona wants to protect it’s borders and they need MORE U.S. AID – how about we say screw you Mexico it’s your problem clean it up. Why must the American tax payer pony up for every little half-ass country and their problems? I don’t see money pouring in from around the world to help Nashville or the Gulf? Do you?

Let me tell you why Mexico isn’t going to do a damn thing about the drugs – oh they will put on a show but they will not do anything.

1.) The Mexican Government is on the take from the cartels to the same degree the U.S. Government is on the take from lobbyist. Oh they put on the show that they are fighting the cartel – but you can bet there are many in the government on the take.
2.) It’s brings billions of American dollars into Mexico where drugs are legal.
3,) The Mexican Government can continue to ask for American aid thus padding more pockets.
4. They just don’t care if Americans are strung out on drugs.

(EDIT Post Calderon speech to Congress – according to Calderon the problems in Mexico is not Mexico’s fault but America’s because of guns and drug addiction – if that is the case then why isn’t there the same problem in Canada? Huh? Well? Typical blame America for every little half-ass countries problem first – no personal or national responsibility for their plight.)

I live in the south – we have signs on our property that says “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.” seems to work pretty well – might want to try it on the border, but anybody in the south knows the sign is not a empty threat it’s a promise.

And for you breeding heart liberals out there – if an foreigner crosses the border at anyplace other than a valid border crossing it’s a violation of the law – they with that action have said they don’t care about our laws and therefore are a criminal and a invader to our sovereignty and in my opinion we have the castle law in many states, which give us the right to use deadly force to protect out home and I’m willing to bet if they know that before they cross, then they will rethink invading our home – and if they do their choice is made fully knowing the risk.

However, most of them are illiterate and can’t read! Well guess what – that’s not my problem either. Give it a week, word will get around and that’s not racist, I don’t care if they are Sottish my ancestral land – sneak into my country, break our laws, I’m going Braveheart on your ass… bet on it.

I am so tired of illegals from  any country  – coming here stealing jobs, stealing benefits (Obama’s Aunt Zeituni) disobeying our laws without punishment – sick of it and I don’t care what they say – call me what ever you want I don’t care, but what I do know is there is far to many

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