Mar 16

Tea Party UPDATE – Be the squeaky wheel.

madhatterThere is an ever growing list of Tea Parties that are going to be happening in the near future, it is currently up to 150 and growing. As I predicted the MSM is for the most part ignoring these little revolts against the run away spending of the Obama Presidency and I’m not alone in my observation other have seen a lack of coverage too. They have covered the protest of the protest from the Obamabots, how ironic.

Some folks have come up with the idea of mailing tea bags to the White House … I’m telling you all this will be is a waste of a bag of tea, an envelope and a stamp. See the White house mail is sorted a pretty long ways from the White House, it’s x-rayed, sniffed, checked etc and the President never sees it 99.999% of it, because the 99.999% never gets to the White House so don’t waste you time with that because only some lowly government postal clerk is going to know your pissed off. You can’t send tea bags to the White House and get results, you have to be a thorn in their collective side and junk mail is just not going to it. Just my thoughts.

So what you need to do is show up at the Tea Parties, have a Tea Party and blast the media for their lack of coverage. The only way the morons in Washington are going to hear you is to be in the media, on the internet, and in there face, post video and images on online, write letters to the editor, signs and be noisy … remember the squeaky wheel get the grease and a tea bag in a mail bin doesn’t squeak. You need to contact your representative and stay on their case or you’ll be cursing the darkness instead of lighting a candle.

My idea would be to set up a huge teapot and cups right out on the National Mall and get bus loads, plane loads of people the show up, 10 of 1000′s … hold it right where all the Obamabots trashed the Mall when they had their little coronation of Obama. That’s what I think we should do.

Be the squeaky wheel and the people are angry … not just white guys, all people that care about this country and the direction it’s going. More about there at Michelle Malkin’s site.

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