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Apr 05

Just in from the Ministry of Employment Misinformation …

If you listen to the government Let look at two set of numbers … the ones the government spins and the real one from the BLS unspun … The Employment Situation in March While more work remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from …

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Nov 13

GSA and the jobs numbers game – are they manipulating the numbers?

Hear is a little something I picked up on the grapevine about the large retail companies and the GSA and I hope one of our illustrious elected officials looks into not that they can do anything it’s just a game they all play… First what is the GSA? Per Wiki… GSA employs about 12,000 federal …

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Nov 04

2 Days to go…

2 more days…48 hour… 7.9% unemployment When Obama took office unemployment was 7.8% there has been no progress from the progressive to improve it. Jobs report: 171K jobs added, jobless rate rises to 7.9% The U-6 number didn’t move much from the previous month.  It was 14.7%, and it’s now 14.6%.  When Obama took office, …

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Oct 04

33 Days to go …


33 days to find a new employee… BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! Look at the number of people that are no longer in the workforce and not included in the unemployment numbers… The Real Reasons People Drop Out of the Workforce

Sep 03

64 Days to go …


64 more days of an empty chair… Happy Labor Day for those of you with a job…

Feb 24

The facts are like dessert – they’re saved for the very end…

So lower jobless claims sounds great doesn’t it? Happy days are here again unemployment is down… well not so fast, let’s have a look-see, let’s do something radical and read all the why to the last line… Unemployment aid applications stay at 4-year low Here are the first 3 paragraphs – this is all most …

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Sep 13

Polly wanna bill…rrraawkk


I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this bill – hopefully they’ll post it online. First it’s not paid for until congress figures out how to pay for it – which will never happen. I swear Obama sound like a parrot… rrraawkk pass the bill, pass the bill, rrraawkk pass the bill, pass the bill… …

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Aug 05

Obama: Unemployment creates jobs… WHAT?

First you want something shocking? This is from the Huffington Post… Now this crazy stuff about how unemployment creates you know that three letter word J-O-B-S, jobs… Obama: Extending Unemployment Benefits Will “Create Jobs Right Now” PRESIDENT: “So, when Congress gets back in September I want to move quickly on things that will help the …

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May 23


Re-post from the KYGOP… REMEMBER THIS?  Steve Beshear: “I Expect My Administration To Be Accountable.” Contact:  Steve Robertson, Chairman             502-875-5130                                          For Immediate Release: May 23, 2011 ********** “I Expect To Earn Your Trust, Not To Simply Be Given It. I Expect My Administration To Be Accountable — And It Starts At The Top, With Me.” …

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Feb 17

Where’s the beef? Stimulus at 2 years old…

If George Bush had made a bunch of claims and promises after spending nearly a trillion dollars and none of them came true the media would have a real beef with him and rightfully so… Obama made a lot of claims and promises and nearly all of them have failed to materialize and the media …

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