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Apr 03

Americans’ poorest since the failed War on Poverty began …

I’m sorry I read this piece from the UK Daily Mail and I thought I’d make a comment, but the more I read the more I thought it needed to be taken apart… normally the UK Daily Mail is OK but they are off the rails in the majority of this story … U.S. sees …

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Mar 27

I don’t care what the majority says – I want it my way … says the left.

I guess you know there is a Supreme Court case going on about gay marriage – personally I don’t care about it one way or the other as there are bigger problems in the country right now … like the fact the a MAJORITY of the voters in California upheld Prop 8 banning Gay Marriage …

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Mar 26

What if you only made $246.90 a week?

First of all the way business has been in my little depressed area I’d call $246.90 a week a good week and I’m not joking … but I digress. So let’s say you make only $246.90 a week … but you are spending $379.55 a week and you owe the bank $1,673.20 – I’m guessing …

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Mar 07

Hey Obama here’s $277,050.00 in saving …


I must confess that I sent a lot of time on this … looking for the font, opening the program and typing the image, save it. up loaded and posted I have at least 4… maybe 5 minutes invested in this. Now PAY ME!

Mar 06

Obama using Citizens and Children as Pawns in his game …

Do you believe for a second that Obama will furlough any of his White House peeps? No he won’t he is playing a game and he doesn’t care who he pisses off because he thinks he can blame the GOP for everything… White House cancels tours The White House announced Tuesday that it was canceling …

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Feb 06

Child indoctrination agianst guns …

You’ve seen all these stories of schools punishing, suspending, expelling students over toy guns, drawing of guns, computer wallpapers of guns and even a post-it note torn in the shape of a gun – you want to know why they are doing this? It’s an effort to traumatize and instill a irrational fear of firearms …

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Jan 27

Who is the real burden to the healthcare system? … Healthy people.

I guess you heard the media say something about letting the fat smokers die … AP, NBC Ask: Time to Publicly Shame the Obese, Let Smokers Die? Today, Associated Press medical writer Mike Stobbe published a piece that takes seriously the idea of singling out smokers and the overweight with public shaming campaigns: That said, public …

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Jan 25

The lady doth protest too much, methinks

We all know Bill Clinton lies, he has been impeached for it (something libs like to forget) and it really doesn’t come as a surprise Hillary Clinton lies – after all she has a long history of it. We have her claiming she went into Bosnia under sniper fire and that clearly wasn’t the case …

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Jan 17

CARNEY: If one child life can be saved we much take action…

Did you hear what little Jay said … JAY CARNEY: If these things were easy, they would have been achieved already. If renewal of the assault weapons ban were easily accomplished, it would not need renewing because it would have happened already. The fact of the matter is the president is committed to pushing these …

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Jan 02

Your taxes are going up …

Senate-Passed Deal Means Higher Tax on 77% of Household The budget deal passed by the U.S. Senate today would raise taxes on 77.1 percent of U.S. households, mostly because of the expiration of a payroll tax cut, according to preliminary estimates from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington. More than 80 percent of households …

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