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Dec 06

Just tell Liberals that Nativity Scenes are not Religious they’re Art…


You have heard, I guess – about the 65% tax payer supported Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery displaying a homo-erotic art with one display depicting an image of Jesus with ants crawling all over it. The liberals are offended that Christians are offended at some of the “art” – these are the same liberals that are …

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Nov 18

Senate Bill 510 – FDA Food Safety Modernization Act – Fact or Fiction?

Senate Bill 510 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act … it is a teachable moment. I am about the last person in the country to trust anything the government says – especially this one in charge at the moment. Equally the majority of my e-mail received the same amount of scrutiny until proven otherwise. It’s not …

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Nov 03

The day after the election – Obama got his CHANGE and the GOP get’s Double Secret Probation


Last night was close to, but not quite like a night of great sex when you wake up happy and sticky – well I woke up happy, but it wasn’t sticky… I’m not that easily thrilled to get sticky over an election. But some thrills were to be had nonetheless one of the greatest thrill’s …

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Nov 03

GOP the evil party of old white men… or is it?

Actor Kirk Douglas Honored In Palm Springs

This is just a few of the new and returning faces of the GOP in Washington DC and State Capitol’s of the cranky old racist White men that control the party and keep everyone else out… racist, sexist bastards! Why can’t they allow women, Hispanics, Indians or Blacks in the party… would it be so …

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Oct 22

What’s the real deal with Williams and National Propaganda Radio?

National Propaganda Radio

Well you know that the Juan Williams story is everywhere and even has many on the right and the left agreeing that Juan was done wrong. I’m no fan or hater of Juan Williams, he seems nice enough – I just rarely agree with him on many issues, but National Propaganda Radio really screwed the …

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Oct 19

Obama: You’re just not that bright…

Well, well, well Obama is now playing the intellect card. Recently saying that you; the American public are just too stupid to understand, you’re scared, not thinking clearly and just too daft to get his grand vision. Obama: Voters ‘Scared,’ Not Thinking Clearly About Election Americans are so “scared” they’re not thinking straight about the …

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Oct 16

Only Capitalism saved the Miners

We interrupt this blog with BREAKING NEWS – capitalism saved the miners. As you now the miner in Chili spent 69 days underground and while I’m very happy they were rescued -  the news coverage was a little excessive for my taste in what appeared to be a product of world seemingly addicted to reality …

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Oct 10

One more thought on the Tennessee fire…

I’ve had a lot of e-mail on the post about fire in Tennessee that took Gene Cranick’s house, I’ve read a lot of libtard post and blogs and I’ve seen a huge number of left-wing loon articles saying somehow this is the Tea Party and Republican view of government and Gene Cranick’s loss is their …

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Oct 07

There is HOPE for CHANGE

With 91% of Black Americans still supporting Barack Obama – there is HOPE for CHANGE…

Sep 15

Rouge Rove and Krazy Krauthammer

What the hell is wrong with Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and several other of the so-called conservative talking heads? Does they hate Sarah Palin so much that they will not support Christine O’Donnell because she endorsed her?  To they really believe that William F Buckley rule applies and would actually work? I heard Rove make …

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