May 14

Obama’s Labeling of the Useful Idiots

Must be one of those LGBT-White-Black-Asian-Latino-African-Americans...

Have you seen the Obama webstore that is loaded with propaganda in nearly every know label out there – LGBT, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Hispanic-American (in case you don’t like being a Latino), Women, Kids, Pets, Pacific Islanders, Asian-Americans, Nurses, Environmentalists, etc … oddly missing from the line up is White Men and just plain old Americans – well I’m not really surprised – Obama needs labels because without them he can’t play the label (gender/race) card. He is a typical liberal that sees your skin and gender first and they judges you – he has said as much in his books.

To Obama and his ilk you are not an American… you are a (Fill in the blank) ______-American.

Don’t believe me? Then why are Democrats TRAINED to make issues about race? Huh? House Dems Receive Training on Portraying Conservatives as RACIST … so` why do they do that? Simple it’s because they believe that Mr Hope and Change is will not pull in the minority vote as he did in 2008 - House Dems fear minority vote slipping away.

And therefore he has to engage in class and race warfare because he lacks the record, skills and intelligent to run on accomplishments – they just aren’t there. So break everyone down into groups, sub-groups and sub-sub-groups. It’s easier to gin up hate against when you pit one race or one class against the other…. some other guy did that a lot too? Oh yeah Mr. Hilter

Actually if you think about it, it’s really pathetic that Obama and liberals breaks everyone down into groups with labels… which brings me to my point main point… Mitt Romney should run as the candidate of no labels… and just see everyone as American. As I’ve pointed out before I don’t get a thrill up my leg over Romney or anyone that was running on the GOP side… but I get a chill up my spine thinking of four more years of Obama. So I took the time to send the Romney campaign the idea of running on “No Labels” or just “American”  - in fact I said…

Obama is running on labels (LGBT, Asian, Latino, African American etc etc) his store is loaded with this stuff. Romney and the GOP should become the party of “No Labels” and “Americans” and not breaking everyone down into little groups and sub-groups – this bad Obama economy has hit everyone not just this group or that group – look like a uniter and not the divider that is Obama. Obama honestly is not that smart, he is just a street agitator that has made it too far. So be smarter and run on a platform of “no labels as label divide” – “labels are hurtful” etc… us his own garbage against him.

I believe in using someones weapons against them – it disarms them and they have a hard time recovering from it… that’s why arguing with liberals is so easy you know what they are going to say, you know what cards they’ll play so pull those arrows from their quiver right away and they’ll crawl back under the rock from which they came.

If Democrats want to cry racism – laugh at them and point out it is they who only see people for the color of their skin and not the content of their heart. Point out how pathetic it is that they only see Americans as hyphenated. And if it happens to be a minority saying this call them what they are… a tool, a useful idiot being manipulated by democrats that only see than as some sub-group they can exploit for political gain – that after any election that are ignored and cast aside only to be lead with empty and unfulfilled promises that they need more time, another election and then they can fill the promises they made… and for some crazy reason these groups and sub-groups just keep falling for it like the usful idiots they are.

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  • JTchicago

     All this is, is a nonsensical way to segregate peoples in another manner.

    All for votes.

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