Apr 11

Yeah! Buffett Rule would pay off Obama’s debt in just 1000 years…

I’m not a millionaire, I don’t play one on TV but I’d like to be one, one day. But as long as this socialist is in the White House it’s not going to happen, so I don’t have to worry about the Buffett Rule – just yet.

So, what’s the Buffett Rule? To quote “The proposed rule would require Americans making more than $1 million a year to pay at least 30% of their income to the federal government, with deductions allowed for charitable giving and payroll taxes.”

So soaking the rich would make how much money? Must be a lot for Obama to much this much time into it – on average less than $5 BILLION a year…. $5 BILLION it’s a lot of moo, it’d fund my good and bad habits for quite a while. But at the government level… $5 BILLION isn’t squat and would run the Federal government for less than two hours, so $5 BILLION – it’s laughable at that level.

All of this Obama bullshit, this rhetoric, this demagogy, this class warfare, this envy mongering is over enough money to run the government for less than TWO DAMN HOURS!!!  It took Obama longer to fly to Florida to make his little campaign speech/fundraisers on the Buffett Rule on our dime than the damn Buffett Rule will fund the federal government!

It’s all smoke and mirrors and frankly it’s nothing more than a campaign gimmick and will never get passed. Personally I don’t care how much money you make… make as much as you can and then hire me with it do build you something, lord know I could use the money.

But here is the deal –  to date under Obama the debt has increased over $5 TRILLION so using simple math that even liberals can understand it would only take 1000 years for the Buffett Rule tax to pay off Obama’s accumulated debt provided it was interest free which it’s not and he stopped spending right now which he can’t.

$5 BILLION X 1000 years = $5 TRILLION … yeah that’ll fix it.

Oh and just so you know just the interest alone on the federal debt in 2011 was $454,393,280,417.03 if you factor the amount of debt Obama has ran up alone the interest on he $5 TRILLION is about $160 BILLION a year so tell me again how demonizing and over taxing the rich who create jobs and spend money is going to do anything to help the economy – because I don’t get it.

By the way cutting federal spending just 1% like trips to Vegas and iPods for GSA workers would save $37 BILLION a year, cut it 10% do the math $370 BILLION a year.

Just a reminder: “Buffett Rule” that Obama won’t stop talking about is aimed mainly at around 400 taxpayers

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