Nov 01

Supporters of Occupy Wall Street…

My Grandmother always said that you are a reflection of the company you keep and here is OWS’s company…

Communist Party USA Sources: Communist Party USAOWS speechThe Daily Caller 
American Nazi Party
Sources: Media MattersAmerican Nazi PartyWhite HonorSunshine State News
Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
Sources: The GuardianTehran TimesCBS News
Barack Obama
Sources: ABC NewsCBS NewsForexTVNBC New York
The government of North Korea Sources: Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-LeninistWall Street JournalTimes of India
Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
Sources: video statement (starting at 8:28)Black in AmericaWeasel ZippersPhiladelphia Weekly 
Revolutionary Communist Party
Sources: Revolutionary Communist PartyRevolution newspaperin-person appearance 
David Duke
Sources: Talking Points Memovideo statementdavidduke.com 
Joe Biden
Sources: Talking Points Memovideo statementMother Jones 
Hugo Chavez
Sources: Mother JonesReutersExaminer.com 
Revolutionary Guards of Iran
Sources: Associated PressFARS News AgencyUPI 
Black Panthers (original)
Sources: in-person appearanceOccupy OaklandOakland Tribune 
Socialist Party USA
Sources: Socialist Party USAIndyMediaThe Daily Caller 
US Border Guard
Sources: White Referencewww.usborderguard.comGateway PunditJust Another Day blog 
Industrial Workers of the World
Sources: IWW web siteiww.orgin-person appearances 
Sources: in-person appearanceWashington PostCAIRCAIR New York 
Nancy Pelosi
Sources: Talking Points Memovideo statementABC NewsThe Weekly Standard 
Communist Party of China
Sources: People’s Daily (Communist Party organ)Reuterschinataiwan.orgThe Telegraph 
Sources: almoqawama.orgalmoqawama.org (2)almoqawama.org (3)wikipedia 
Sources: 911truth.org (1)911truth.org (2)911truth.org (3) 
International Bolshevik Tendency
Sources: bolshevik.orgWire Magazine 
Sources: AdbustersThe Guardianvideo statement 
White Revolution
Source: whiterevolution.com 
International Socialist Organization
Sources: Socialist Workersocialistworker.orgin-person appearance 
PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
Sources: PressTVwikipedia 
Marxist Student Union
Sources: Marxist Student UnionBig Governmentmarxiststudentunion.blogspot.com 
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Sources: FightBack Newsfightbacknews.org 
Sources: ANSWER press releaseANSWER web siteXinhua 
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Sources: Liberation News (1)pslweb.orgThe Daily Free PressLiberation News (2)

They might call themselves the 99%’ers but I can assure you that I”m not a 1%’ers and these folks don’t represent me – do I really need to point out he contrast between the OWS folks and the Tea Party? I don’t think so…

  • Anonymous

    I know your first knee jerk reaction will be to reject this idea, but I think you and OWS might have some things in common, i.e. protesting the Democrat’s involvement in causing this financial mess.  The government was used as an instrument to further the aims of a few bankers at the expense of the many, especially minorities.  Clinton and the Democrats pushed for more home ownership among the poor and minorities by easing credit, and pushing Fannie and Freddie to support sub-prime mortgages, which banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup packed and sold as backed securities.  They sold their consumers billions of dollars of these toxic assets and simultaneously short sold (bet against) these same assets, those pigs!  Government power was used as an active tool for the corruption, greed, and profiteering of Wall Street and all these Democrats like Rubin, Clinton, and now Obama need to be ousted for their betrayals.  As a liberal, I can say I will never vote for any of the two major parties ever again. (never was gonna vote GOP before =P).  They are both bought out by megamoney, which will use and perverse ANY ideology to further their profits.  The people have to be united against this corruption and perversion.

  • Anonymous

    I want to also point out that with Democrats supporting this easy credit, they supported putting millions of minority families in horrible situations where their houses were underwater because they didn’t read the fine print about the interest rates increasing after 3 years or something, and they lost their homes and got foreclosed on.  What kind of sick bastards do that to their own voters?

    • Anonymous

      The Democrats need a victim class to champion… so they have to keep creating them by claiming to help them which in fact hurts them by making them dependent on the system.

      • Anonymous

        Such as: students overloaded with student load debt because of excessive loan guarantees?  How can Democrats want to create utopia?, then they wouldn’t have any voters.
        Now I have a question to ask you.  How much would you agree or disagree with the statement that those who give the most amount of campaign contributions and who spend the most on lobbyists have the most influence on directing government rules in their favor.  For example, Democrats have banks, lawyers, unions, and healthcare companies.  And Republicans have banks, oil companies, healthcare, and military contractors.  It seems like our entire government is for sale in that sense.  Does that bother you to any extent at all?  Because to me, it seems to go against the idea of democracy and everyone having equal say and influence in government affairs, even though the Supreme Court disagrees.

        Also, I think the welfare system is used to keep people pacified and blind to the injustices of the world around them.  It’s like paying them off to be content, it creates a disincentive against true freedom.

        • Anonymous

          Are you sure you’re a lefty? Because you are speaking very righty. Some lobbyist are good, most are bad and far to powerful. Both the Tea Party and OWS is a form of lobbyist when government ignores the public and if they continue to gin up class warfare and division things will get ugly. The big money need to get out of politics – it corrupts.

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