Oct 11

Ain’t Capitalist engaging in Capitalism…

It’s your typical liberal hypocrisy anti capitalist and anti-banking protestors using all the fruits of capitalism to somewhat organize their incoherent protest. So I ask who is printing their paper and printing it on what? Gutenberg Presses and handmade paper? Who is paying for the paper, the ink, the printing and distribution … hmm I’m guessing it isn’t being done for free. Somebody somewhere is paying to have it done.

What cracks me up is they are protesting the banks but if you go to their website they take donations for the their so-called cause via check or credit card – where do they think check and credit cards come from? The check and card fairy?

But just in case the donations don’t work out these idiots think things should be free…

Some Business Owners Ramp Up Distaste For ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Actually I’m kind of glad they are out there.. they claim to be the Tea Party of the left and the liberals in congress including Obama are lining up with them drawing very clear lines between the two groups showing those precious independents just what the left stands for… the downfall of capitalism and socialism.

It’s not often I agree with the old school elitist conservative George Will, he’s just too stuffy for me…

George Will: ‘I wish the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators long life and ample publicity’

“[T]he tea party was the bourgeoisie in revolt and they immediately went into the business of winning elections and running candidates,” Will said on ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.”

“I disagree with some of the Republicans. I wish the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators long life and ample publicity for two reasons: I think they do represent the intellectual spirit of the American left, but also I remember 1960s. We had four years of demonstrations like this led up to 1968 when the Nixon/Wallace vote was 57 percent — the country reacting against demonstrators, and Republicans went on to win five of the next six presidential elections.”

Let’s hope so…

more here

Sex and drugs on tap, who says it’s not a political partaaay? Occupy Wall Street protesters make love as well as class war

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    “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” – Karl Marx

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