Aug 22

Religion and Politics

It has always been said that religion and politics makes strange bed fellows – it is also said you should never talk about either. Well I’m going to – if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you likely know I rarely ever bring up or talk about religion and that’s because I believe religion is personal and unique to each and every person and it doesn’t matter what you say about it somebody is not going to be happy and they will either pray for your soul or resign you to the fiery the depths. Religion is far more of volatile a subject than politics every thought about being.

Politics, generally falls into one faith regardless of party – the belief that if it’s not broke, Washington can break it, how it gets broke is a matter of party but it will be broken.

As for religion – I don’t know why the Republican party always gets trapped in to these religious debates all the time – like Rick Perry with the child abusing libtard using her kid as a hand puppet to ask about creationism verses Darwinism, frankly it’s non of her damn business what he thinks. I want a president that can create jobs and fix the economy – not one to settle the chicken or the egg debate it just doesn’t matter.

They tried to sucker Michelle Bachmann into a ‘how do you feel about gays’ debate – I don’t care how Michele Backmann feels about gays unless somehow the gay issue fixes the economy and gets this country back on sound fiscal ground. It doesn’t matter!

The liberals are trying to make an issue out of Romney being a Mormon – they said that the Christians would never go for that – do what? Mormons are Christian’s they are just like the Catholics… they have a Bible with a few extra books. So what! It just doesn’t matter!

Barack Obama when to a radical Black Liberation Theology church that preached “God damn America” and I find that far more offensive than the creationism, gay rights and Mormon debate but the MSM let him slide on it and he was rarely questioned. When his preacher got even to radical for Obama, he threw him under the bus all while saying “Oh yeah I sat in his church for 20 years, but I never really listened.” A church that teaches hate of America, of racism, of class warfare is far more dangerous than one teaching creationism, gay lifestyle or is Mormon in my book any day.

And sometime the Bible thumpers on the right really annoy me to the point I have to say to them… this elections is about spending and constitutional government, not freaking theology. I like my hardcore Bible buddies and I’ll talk religion and the philosophy and mythology of it all day long – just don’t make it a campaign issue of it – it’s like playing with matches wear doused in gasoline, stupid.

But for what ever reason the Republics get sucked into these stupid Biblical debates every time… and frankly I don’t think America as a whole really give a rip all that much about the social issues other than the amount of spending they incur on the taxpayer. Do you honestly care if someone is gay? Do you honestly care if some believes in evolution over creationism? Does it effect your life in any way, shape or form? Do you care if your President is Mormon, Christian, Jewish or Atheist as long as the well being and security of the country is being met and they are keeping government out of your life?

This issues of religion are nothing but distractions from the greater concerns – we need the debt addressed, we need the spending addressed, we need job created, we need cost of goods and services to be affordable and I don’t give a rats ass if you have to pray to Aqua Buddha to make it happen just do it.

The Republicans need to stop taking the bait every time a liberal idiots tries to trap them with some “gotcha” bullshit religious question and just state that their religious views are just like everyone elses personally unique and private – next question please.

Will it prompt more questions? Sure it will but if you never take the bait, they’ll stop fishing.

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