Jul 15

Stop playing Obama’s game…

Obama is a Chicago thug game player… most people know this so why does the GOP continue to fall for his games? Surely they aren’t just that stupid? Obama wants to talk at the White House… DON’T he is playing home turf tactics, this is why he wanted to go to Camp David to further isolate the GOP from their base and get them deeper into his territory and bully them… it’s an old tactic just like getting call into someone office instead of them coming to yours. It’s a power play.

Obama is slimy and anyone that grew up going to county fairs knows what it is like to try and catch a greased pig and that’s a Obama, a greased pig… just today Jake Tapper tried to get Obama to comment to an answer on what would he cut and he said that he had made his position clear and there was no need to rehash it… well what is it? Tapper should have pressed harder for Obama to reiterate what his spending cuts are… he has never mentioned any because Obama  doesn’t want to cut spending he wants to spend more! He is a greased pig and you can catch a greased pig it just takes a while.

Think about it – we are over 800 days without the democrats putting forth a budget, no details, nothing and they talk about it like you can pull it up and read it… this is Obama’s trick. He acts like he knows what the plan is and you should too even though he has never put forth one. It’s old and tiring.

Obama hasn’t offered any specifics at all, nothing! Make him offer up real black and white ideas instead of empty platitudes of nothingness. Obama has done this his entire political career – just like “hope and change” – I asked 3 years ago and I’m asking today – what the hell is that? What is hope and change? It’s empty ass words that mean nothing and everything, Obama has made a career out of being a blank canvas people dumb enough to fall for it can paint anything on and believe it.

He’s an empty vessel so don’t play his game – he is actually easy to out maneuver so do it. You just paint him into a corner with his own empty rhetoric.

Closing thought… If raising taxes grow the economy according to idiots like Obama… then why do state and local government give tax incentives to business to locate and create jobs? Seems to me they should double there taxes and they’ll create twice as many jobs right? Isn’t that how the liberal mind works?

Fact check: Obama’s press conference

  • Unholyone48

    Exactly correct! He’s been thoroughly schooled in neuro-linguistic programming. ALL are afraid of confronting him on his empty rhetoric fear of neing labelled racist or being too stupid to understand.

  • Unholyone48

    Sorry, not “neing,” but being labelled.

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