Jun 08


White House Honey Gastrique
Tuna Tartare with Rye Crisps
Pickled Young Carrots and Mustard Oil
Spring Pea Salad
Shaved Ham and Ginger Snaps
Petite Filet
With Maryland Crab Ravioli
Wild Ramp Puree
Apple Strudel
Golden Raisins and Topfen

First I know you are likely asking what the hell is gastrique? I don’t know but the interwebtubepiedia says it’s “a thick sauce in classic French cuisine that consists of a reduction of vinegar, wine, sugar, and sometimes fruit that has been caramelized over heat.”All seems a bit redundant to me – fruits have sugars, sugars ferment into wine, wine turns into vinegar – so what the hell is the point?

Tuna Tartare? How about a little tuna mercury poisoning?

Second to my knowledge Mustard Oil is NOT approved by the FDA for human consumption and Michelle Obama being the food Nazi she is should know that… what the hell kind example is she setting? (Don’t answer that I know the answer.) I use Mustard Oil in Indian cooking, but guess what I’m not telling you how to live and I damn sure not telling you to use a massaging oil for cooking.

Petite Filet is nothing more than a Filet Mignon the most expensive cut of meat on the cow.

Topfen is gross in my opinion – it’s curds and cottage cheese.

Overall it’s not overly healthy nor overly fattening, but it isn’t anything the average American family is going to be eating… if Moochelle Obama wants to get in touch with her “common” side she might want to think about mac and cheese with hotdogs made dress it up with a little oregano – she also might want to remember that George W. Bush had PB&J for lunch most days.

As far as this being a State dinner on a budget… I don’t think so. It’s not wagu beef top of the line meal but by no means is it cheap.

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