May 09

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear doubled unemployment

Just where did Little Stevie save or create all these job? Well the red dots are all the places Steve claims he created jobs.

Just where did Little Stevie save or create all these job? Well the red dots are all the places Steve claims he created jobs. Do the Democrat areas of the state look like they are getting more than their share?

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is running for re-election this year, he seems to think he is worthy of a second term. He claims he created or saved nearly 20,000 jobs in Kentucky… he even has a list about his  creating jobs for Kentucky what Beshear doesn’t tell you is that when he was elected in Nov 2007 unemployment in Kentucky was 4.9% and today it’s over 10.2%! Do I really need to do that math for you on that?

And that’s creating of saving jobs? Nope, that’s bullshit.

Little Stevie says…

Since then Beshear has helped bring hundreds of projects totaling more than $2.2 billion in potential investment into the Commonwealth. The developments represent nearly 19,500 jobs created or saved.

Crated of saved… well “or saved” is bullshit so we’ll toss those out right away. So based on the news release for Kentucky I’ve seen the number of job actually claimed to be created is closer to 8000 or 9000 – but he doesn’t list a single job lost while he was governor. Here in my own county General Tire closed it’s doors and puts over 2000 people out of work and many smaller uncounted support companies went belly up too. None of those jobs have been replaced and if I count the closed stores, restaurants and small businesses it’s a lot more in a county of 30,000 and the biggest town of barely 10,000… 2000-3000 jobs lost is about 10% of the population not the work force. Oh and by the way General Tire closed because the UNION wouldn’t deal – so they closed. Thanks Unions.

so anyway…

The reality is real simple if unemployment goes from 4.9% when you took office to 10.2% today you haven’t created or saved a damn thing. Apply this logic to idiot claiming to have created or saved jobs.

It’s like this if I had a $100 and I lost $15 but somehow I manged to save or create $5 – I’m still lost $10 – but if I was Beshear or Obama I’d want you to praise me and re-elect me for loosing 10% of my money – ridiculous.

So all Steve Beshear did using his own numbers is double unemployment in Kentucky and believe me a know a lot of folks out of work.


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