Feb 25

Holistic Dog food? Holistic Horse Sh!t if you ask me.

Is it holistic water?

Speaking of Moo-Cow Obama from earlier in the week and her over the top eating habits and seeing how her baby-daddy is driving the economy into the toilet and soon we’ll all be looking for the best flavor of dog food here is a post on one. (No I haven’t taste tested it.)


I was watching the TV the other night and I was on one of those green, tree-hugger lefty channels and a dog food commercial came on for a brand I had never heard of… Blue Buffalo Dog Food… not just any dog food, but a holistic dog food… a 100% all natural, no filler, organic dog food – a 100% all natural, no filler, organic, pure, holistic dog food. What ever the hell that is…

BLUE is made with only the finest natural ingredients plus the active nutrients and antioxidants of our exclusive, cold-formed LifeSource® Bits. You’ll be surprised to know that many of the well-known pet food brands contain ingredients like chicken by-product meal or poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives. When you compare dog food or compare cat food, we think you’ll find BLUE is a better choice—one that you can feel good about giving your beloved four-legged family member.

Allow me to let the good folks at Blue Buffalo Dog Food in on a little secret… dogs lick their ass and eat cat turds and they’ll drink out of the toilet with a big stinky floater, OK? – Dog roll around in dead animals and warm steamy piles of horse shit all while sniffing the goats butt and they are happy-happy about it – got it? A dog doesn’t give a rats ass if the chicken is mechanically separated or lovingly and artfully deboned by culinary skilled hands of Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey. It’s a dog and a dog does not care if it has beef, pork, fish, chicken and f’ing blue buffalo frolicking across the prairie meat by-products… they eat random stinky turds and lick their ass!

Now in all fairness I’m feel the folks at Blue Buffalo think they’re doing right by man’s best friend or they could just be milking the consumer by guilting them into thinking they are feeding their cat turd eating dog crappy cheap dog food. See a lot of liberals fall for this kind of holistic BS because all they’ve ever had or seen are those nasty little pocket pooches and never seen a real dog on a farm rolling in dead animal and loving it, but if you fall for this kind of marketing – go for it and get some Blue Buffalo Holistic all natural, no filler, pure dog food at $1.60 pound – which BTW if you do a little search you’ll find a whole host of complaints of their product and it’s so-called fantastic quality.

So keep this info in mind when you are shopping for dog food to feed your family in this new Obama economy.

  • Gary Alan

    That is the meanest way to describe a dog. Of course, it is a reality that dogs do that but, aren’t they doing that because we humans forget or do not care about teaching them what to do? It is also like feeding them. We buy commercialized dog foods because we simply entrust our dog’s health to profit minded business associates. If we want to make sure to feed our dogs good quality food, we should do it ourselves and should not rely on commercialized dog food. In similar ways, dogs will not do nasty things the way you heartlessly described if we humans also care for them.

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