Jan 04

Winner of the 2010 dumbass of the year!!

Once again it was a tough, tough call this year to pick the winner of the Dumbass of the Year.

Just as last year Barack Obama remained strong at the top of the pack and Joe Biden who faded from the scene early in 2010 roared back near the end of the year to remain a contender as a leading dumbass. Even last years winner: Janet Napolitano was on path to sweep a two year in a roll victory. Others that stood an excellent chance of taking home this prestigious award included but wasn’t limited to… Eric Holder, Alan Grayson, EPA, DOJ, DHS, Michelle Obama, MSNBC, and a plethora of liberal reporters.

But this years WINNER is no other other than….

Ousted Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi

Yes Nancy Pelosi DEMOCRAT from California’s great bay of lunatics in San Francisco as we look into your nobody-is-home eyes and say you – you Nancy Pelosi are the Official www.angrywhiteguy.com Dumbass of the Year! Congradulation! Now, gavel that bitch.

Nancy, for telling the American people we have to pass one of the largest bills in American history to find out what’s in it… you are a dumbass.

For laughing off the Constitutionality question of the healthcare bill… you are a dumbass.

For claiming unemployment somehow stimulate the economy… you are a dumbass.

For stating unemployment will create jobs… you are a dumbass.

For insisting the Democrats would maintain control of the House… you are a dumbass.

For promoting people quit their day job to be “an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance”… you are a dumbass.

For making up bible quotes… you are a dumbass.

For claiming that the Tea Party was nothing more than Astroturf thus tipping your hand to liberal actions… you are a dumbass.

For claiming enforcement of immigration laws are un-American… you are a dumbass.

Honestly there is so much more just from 2010 to label Pelosi a dumbass, but let’s have a look at a few things from 2009…

Claiming that 500 million Americans loss their job every month… you are a dumbass.
For stating Medicare was started in the 1950′s… you are a dumbass.
For claiming natural gas is a better energy source than fossil fuel… you are a dumbass.
For ginning up fear of the Tea Party… you are a dumbass.
For claiming that healthcare was a Christmas present to the American people… you are a dumbass.

So congratulations Nancy Pelosi!! You are the official 2010 www.angrywhiteguy.com Dumbass of the Year! Deserving of honors, awards and accolades to have failed so much in one short year you are the winning loser!

Please contact me for shipping. Prizes include but are not limited to…

**8X10 glossy Dumbass of the Year photo suitable for framing. (See insert photo)
**1 custom Angry White Guy Dumbass of the Year un-official T-Shirt (I’m guessing Extra-Pinheah?)
**An official Angry White Guy secret decoder ring.
**2 buy one, get one free coupons for Sonic Burgers.

Now that’s quite the prize package!

Top 10 Outrageous Quotes From Nancy Pelosi

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