Sep 29

“Entitlement” double dipping with nuts.

Some Obama Allies Fear School Lunch Bill Could Rob Food Stamp Program

WASHINGTON — In her campaign to reduce childhood obesity and improve school nutrition, Michelle Obama has become entangled in a fight with White House allies, including liberal Democrats and advocates for the poor.

Michelle Obama recently addressed the National Restaurant Association on childhood obesity.

At issue is how to pay for additional spending on the school lunch program and other child nutrition projects eagerly sought by the White House. A bill that the House is expected to consider within days would come up with some of the money by cutting future food stamp benefits.

When the Senate passed the bill in early August, Mrs. Obama said she was thrilled. But anti-hunger groups were not. They deluged House members on Thursday with phone calls and e-mails expressing alarm.

“It is wrong to take money from food stamps to finance child nutrition programs,” said Edward M. Cooney, executive director of the Congressional Hunger Center, an advocacy group. “You are taking money from low-income people in one program and spending it on low-income people — maybe the same people — in another program.”

So let me get this right – we’re paying to feed kids breakfast, lunch and some are now wanting dinner at school – in ADDITION to giving their deadbeat moocher parents enough money to feed them yet ANOTHER breakfast, lunch and dinner and they still wonder why we have little fat kids running around?

Should I even get into what foods are allowed to bought on food stamps? Soda’s, chips, pizza’s, snacks, etc, etc.

They getting fed 5 full meals a day plus snacks and we’re paying for it!

Here is an idea cut out all the free breakfast’s, free lunches, cut the food stamps, cut all the handouts and let them live off the fat of the their ass for a decade or so then talk to me about little fat kids. I don’t want kids to starve but I don’t want to feed them junk food 24 hours a day – so I’ll compromise and say we’ll feed the kids at school – healthy no junk meals and we remove them from the food stamp doles, sound fair? The parents can get a job.

But then again I’ll stick to my belief that the war on smoking led to the rise of the chunky butts in adults – see there use to be a lot of smokers in the country, but there wasn’t a lot of fat people. Then they went to war on smoking and all those people that quit smoking starting getting fat and piling on the pounds – name me one person that quit smoking that didn’t add a few pounds. They just trade off one oral habit for another. I know I recently started to quit smoking and while I’ll had my slips in my effort I’ve noticed that I snack more – so I’m trying to quit without picking up the snacking habit and it’s hard. Now I know what you are saying – ‘well that logic might work with adults but what about kids?’

Two things caused the kids to get fat and it wasn’t McDonald’s or Burger King. One is their parents set around snacking all the time to replace smoking and the kids learned from that and second reason, two: the rise of video games and a sedentary live style they adopt. Drive through any neighborhood and find the kids outside playing… you won’t because they are all inside piled up in front of a screen, either the TV, computer and some portable gaming device in zombie-land and that’s the parents fault.

It’s common ass sense people – it’s not the food that made kids fat it’s the life style and the example that were set for them. So Michelle Obama can blame school lunches, blame cokes, blame fast food, blame sugar, blame salts and blame snacks – but the blame is at the live style and the parents – I grew up eating Mallo Cups and drinking Dr. Pepper’s with salted peanuts in them (btw it taste like crap with the Dr Peppers made today) and I was thin because I was outside all the time and I road a bike miles every day and yes I had a SCHWINN Stingray… show your age who remembers those?

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