Sep 02

Obama’s Speech

Did you watch Dopey’s speech the other night? No, me neither.

I saw highlights of his speech if you can call it highlights – he looks bored and tired – like he’d rather be shooting hoops- guess he needs a vacation from all of his vacations. Naturally Obama failed to thank Bush or give him any credit for the surge in Iraq – what a classless piece of crap he is. 10,000 bloggers has posted about this so I won’t add to the list. I will say there are people in this world I really don’t like – I mean REALLY don’t like but I go out of my way to say something nice when asked or force to mention them. So I’d think that the President of the United States could muster a little class and admit that Bush’s plan worked like it or not, but then he would have to admit that based on his comments from the Senate he was wrong again – but I have yet to see anything he has been correct about thus far.

But as you know class and Obama mix and mingle like oil and water and since I’d rather take a nap than listen to Obama babble about things he doesn’t understand -  that’s what I did during his speech. I took a nap.

  • Montana

    Honestly, the surge was a battle for improving a War, not winning it. Our military did everything asked of them and more and frankly deserve better than be spread too thin for far too long without being adequately equipped. Thank God we are getting out, what a waste of our Youth and Treasury set on a bed of lies. According to “W” we already had a Mission Accomplished Ceremony, right? I would only give Bush credit for our current financial mess.

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Our current financial mess is Bush’s fault you’ve got to f***ing kidding me! Good Lord if you don’t get it there is no need in me wasting my time explaining it.

  • Montana

    The Iraqi State is the only thing that may fail, we will have to wait and see. These two wars of choice are layed at the feet of the self proclaimed boy prince “W” and his henchmen Cheney, but don’t let the facts stop you. Your party started the wars, my party will clean your mess up whether you like it or not so quit crying. You party lost we won tough break, get over it. Deal with the truth!

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      See you in November

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