May 10

Live Oak High School flies American Flag!

Live Oak High Skoo

So I was thinking and didn’t hurt much – did the Live Oak High School fly the American Flag? Well thank you Bing …

Can’t see much there … blow the image up a few times and wah-la…

What the hell is that and American flag on an American School is there no shame? Oh the humanity!!!
I see a California flag too – and that is just rubbing salt in the wound of those poor little Mexican children living here in American and reaping the fruits of the nations labor – oh the cruelty. I’m calling the ACLU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Speedy Gonzalez, the Frito Bandito

(Is that racist? No more than getting pissed about the American flag in America.)

Stand-by rant coming in 3… 2… 1… now

I hate beating a dead horse or would that be a burro – but this is just a symptom of bigger problems in the country – some of our schools are more concerned with foreign phony holidays introduced by a beer company than our own historic holidays – many schools have changed Christmas break to “holiday break” so we don’t offend non-Christians, they’ve removed the Ten Commandments and- you know what I’m sorry screw them! This is American – founded on Christian principles (sorry Lib’s but it’s true – go look it up) and if you don’t like it, well to damn bad it your problem to deal with not mine. Why do we have to change the historic culture of America to coddle a bunch of recently arrived immigrants? If you come here from another country legally, GREAT and WELCOME – glad you came, but you are in America now – you came to America – America didn’t come to you – adapt and deal with it.

For those of you that think I do not want any “for’ner” coming here – and I have the e-mails – you’re wrong. I’ve traveled the world and truly enjoy their cultures IN their country. I enjoy the ethnic celebrations here – but they are not to eclipse the American culture. We have for far to long been tolerant and understand of of every little sub-culture group in this nation – tolerant to the point of compromising our own beliefs and values and it’s is going to stop. I don’t care if it’s Hispanic, Islamic, Asian, European if you come to America know that you are now in America so expect things to be American – crazy I know.

As you may know I live in the south – the south is not known for taking anyone’s crap and we have a large Hispanic population working in the chicken factories and farms, we have Mexican grocers and stores but one thing you don’t see is a bunch of Mexican flags because around here that just flat out wouldn’t fly – now Rebel flags that’s another matter. We don’t harass them, oppress them or treat them as if they are unwelcome, but we are not going to set back and let them change on a fundamentals our culture.

Let me explain it like this, when you go to someone’s house you don’t go in and start rearranging the furniture or changing the curtains. So when you come to America, which is our house you don’t come in and start rearranging our furniture – now when you go to someone’s house you might bring a dish with you – that’s fine. Say your from Poland, you might bring pierogies… that’s great I love pierogies – but don’t think that gives you permission to rearrange my living room or paint the walls. This is America we are young country we have in eclectic culture that is made up of many diverse civilizations from all over the world it is a homogenized culture and we do not mind adding ingredients or a dish to it but that’s just it – to add to it, not replace! So don’t come here and try to reinvent the wheel. If you are a cultural minority of the overall population and you celebrate your culture in your home or community, fine – do it! But keep that in mind it’s your culture – it’s not the quintessential American culture and we don’t force you to celebrate any of our traditional American holidays or celebrations that have been here since the founding of the nation, but I bet you don’t complain when you get the day off do you? We in America have bent over backwards to accommodate various cultures and their celebrations around the world but the historically American holidays are being trampled upon by these minority cultures simply because they don’t like them or they find them offensive. But let me tell you something you need to learn what the word minority means – in a word it means you are out numbered by the majority and that majority is Americans – just American no hyphen required. It has nothing to do with race it has everything to do with the consensus of the majority of the population -For example I’m not going to go to Britain and demand they celebrate the Fourth of July simply because I am there and I am from America somehow I don’t think the Brits or all that fond of the Forth of July. I don’t go to Israel and demand they celebrate Christmas… Why not? Because when you’re in Rome you do as the Romans do and equally when in America do as the American’s do.

Until these people that come here from other country which they are welcome to do start respecting our culture – I will not respect there – it’s a two way street. I welcome other people and cultures coming to America LEGALLY – but you have to realize you are in America now – so part of being a citizen is being an American first and where you came from is now second to all things American – sorry that’s just the way it is. If you want to be Mexican, Chinese, Russian, whatever – then fine there are country by those names you can go to, but here in the USA we’re Americans – deal with it.

I’d better stop before I get off on a rant or is that too late?

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  • smootie

    what you said. great rant and site.

  • smootie

    no!!! they probably have american presidents on their money too. ba$tards. /sarc

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