Mar 20

I never knew I knew Bombshell McGee I never knew I wasn’t me

AWG I know that guy

Yeah I know this isn’t politics but damn… really I need a break from all the Obama Hell Care crap! It’s makin’ my last good nerve go bad. Anyway – I noticed that I was getting a few hit from some place that made no sense to me at all … some celebrity gossip site about the Michelle Bombshell girl that banged Jesse James who is Sandra Bullock now former squeeze – why Jesse who I like for the most part decided that ink-girl was hotter than Sandra B. I don’t get, but whatever. Well this other site posted a story called “Angry White Girl Clothing: Michelle (Bombshell) McGee Models” so I tracked it back and damn I found out that I was her designer or what ever is some cat named Mr. Jimmy Ferrari and this is said to me – I didn’t not know that, talk about a surprise.

NOTE: Amy Judd has taken the poorly researched post down but I being who I am have a screen shot right here.

So it seems McGee aka Michelle Bombshell is according to various gossip sites – “not only is she an alleged neo-Nazi, she’s also violent, a bad mom, and can possibly see the future.” Well ain’t that some shit? However, I can say with 100% certainty I’m not a neo-Nazi, I’m not violent, I’m not a bad mom although I’ve been called a mother many times and finally I cannot see the future no matter how much I want to as I’d be pickin’ the lotto numbers everyday. And for the record I do not know if Michelle Bombshell is any of those things and it really doesn’t concern me at all.

So anyway here is some of this bloggers post…

Despite Shane Modica saying his ex-wife Michelle McGee had ‘W’ ‘P’ for white power tattooed on her legs and called her a Nazi sympathizer, Mr. Ferrari has always insisted that there is no racist connotations in the name of his clothing. On his blog he states:

As for the the term/label “Angry White Guy” you can be an Angry White Guy, Angry Black Guy, Angry Brown Guy, Angry White Women, Black Women, Brown Women, Yellow Women it doesn’t matter… your race, your gender doesn’t matter!

Source: angrywhiteguy.com

On his blog? Jimmy’s blog, really? And seemingly my name as I discovered is Jimmy Ferrari ? Now tell me that’s not some made up name – Jimmy Farrari (no offense to the real Jimmy) – what next Booby Bentley. Sounds like something you get from a “Whats my mob name?” site if not it’s cool. So I did not know I was somebody else and here this entire time I thought I was writing this blog imagine my surprise… After all I’m Dave not Jimmy, but it seems I’m not me so I guess I’m no longer responsible for what I say as it wouldn’t be me but him – whoever ‘him’ is that said it.

But this research handicapped blogger Amy Judd went on…

However, you apparently can’t be an angry white guy if you are a metrosexual, a homosexual, or a victim of anything. There’s a number of other rules too. Basically in the words of Mr. Ferrari the Angry White Guy is:

not some asshole racist, but some guy that sick and tired of the assholes, poverty pimps, welfare queens of all races looking for a handout from

Girlfriend when you've got a nose like that us a bounce flash reflector to cut down out that shadow

the taxpayer and I for one am sick and tire of carrying the dead weight in this country.

Source: angrywhiteguy.com

So simply since I or is it they didn’t mention metrosexual, a homosexual, or a victim of anything then they are unqualified to be an Angry White Guy (her words not mine or the other me’s) here is how I see it if I’m me, right now we are all victims of poor governmental leadership and I’m a victim of mistaken identity. As for homosexuals – hey they can be angry if they want too I don’t care and as I said before I don’t care if you are gay, but if I was getting poked in the rear I wouldn’t be to happy about it, but that’s me – so whatever floats your boat or tosses your salad just don’t show me videos of your weekend in Cabo! OK?

As for metrosexuals – all I have to say to them is man up and loose the manicure and stop being a male impersonators – no chick is going dig you because you have the same designer handbag  or highlights in your hair she knows you’re not a threat to her nether regions. Really anyone calling themselves a metrosexual is one fanny pack away from a pride parade. (Say hello to Mr. Rainbow)

So there it is I’m a fashion designer for some chick poking Jesse James behind Sandra Bullock’s back while she is out earn an Oscar for some movie I haven’t seen – the things you find out about yourself on the internet – things I never knew and I would have thought I’d be the first to know. But I’ll give them props it’s a cool “AWG” design and it has given me a couple of idea to design some new logos, t-shirts and blog header – something a little more edgy… feel free to submit your idea. I’m going to dump all the stuff currently in the cafe shop as I’ve been in a creative slump for a while – anyone want to be a muse?

The reality is I care so little about who is screwing who it’s wouldn’t fill a thimble. What Jesse James, Sandra Bullock or Michelle Bombshell do means nothing to me (and I might add that “bombshell” is really stretching it)  However, the poor gossip blogging research on the part of Amy Judd who wrote this piece I just couldn’t pass up. What is she going to report next – ObamaCare will cut the deficit and lollipops and sugar plums will fall from the sky? But what would she care she’s from Canada.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode of “Please let know if you find me.”

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  • Amy – NowPublic

    I am so sorry, this was really bad research on my part – I removed the story this morning. I am not handicapped but I do admit I made a mistake and I am sorry for connecting the two unrelated sites together.

  • http://www.nowpublic.com Amy – NowPublic

    I am so sorry, this was really bad research on my part; I removed the story this morning. I am not handicapped, but I do admit I made a mistake. I am very sorry for connecting the two unrelated sites together.

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Should have stuck with being handicap you had an excuse.

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