Feb 05

Prez Dopey Odumbo gives a speech!

Dumbass gave a speech tonight says that we need to hurry on this stimulus bill … yet many parts of that bill does not go into effect until 2011?? What’s the hurry dumbo?

Anytime government is in a hurry to pass a bill, you’d better look close at it because something smells. I’m listening to his speech right now and I can’t believe my small ears to what I’m hearing. He his so full of crap it’s not funny … the man in a asswipe.

I’m sorry I’m not focused I’m trying to listen to genius pitch he plan and it just doesn’t make sense,none , zero, nada. The American people do not what this plan and he doesn’t hear it even with his big ass ears. This bill is packed full of pork, I can’t find the break down but there is over 1 billion dollars in it that will create 65 jobs … that’s 15.4 million dollars per job … gee can I have one of them? 2.2 billion will go to groups like ACORN. Just think the last package turned out to have wasted 78 million dollars in a bad investment, $78,000,000,000.00 … gone, poof, up in smoke! What would you have done with this money?? Meanwhile Obama continues to blame Bush and has yet to set up and take responsibility for his poor leadership … or should I say the lack of leadership.

I’ll add more to this as I get time and outline the waste in this bill.

I’m still on a generator, so I hasn’t the time to research it in addition to having to cut up a forest with the a chainsaw.

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