Jan 28

A year after the Ice its Snow… I blame global warming (and Bush)

Western Kentucky Jan 2009 Ice Storm

A year and two days ago on January 27, 2009 we were hammered by several inches of ice and it sucked.

Flashback here the ICE STORM tag

It took me a couple of long not so fun months to clean up all the downed wood and limbs from the many trees in the yard and still I have a lot of widow makers hanging from the tree even though I had 100′s fall during the year. All the trees were hit hard and hopefully they will recover, but between Hurricane Ike in September of ’08 and the Ice Storm of Jan-Feb of ’09 they were hammered.

I cut and stacked wood most of the summer and still have recently fallen widow makers that need to be cut up. I’ve been burning wood all winter and I’m burning some right now and just to piss the liberals off I enjoying every warm producing ton of CO2 they are pumping out.

When the deep freeze was all over our power was out for about 2 weeks, we ended up with about $7500.00 in property damages and didn’t receive a dime in FEMA money. However the fire department did drive by one day while I was cutting wood and pawn off some emergency rations nobody in my area wanted since they being dumb country hicks were all prepared for the storm, as was I. You can only wonder what the educated class would do. The rations were ok, nothing to write home about not any better than a MRE and wouldn’t hold a candle to C-RAT. I didn’t care one way or the other if I got them or not, I had a generator, plenty of food, firewood and fresh water so I was set … I like to call it personal responsibility you that stuff people do instead of waiting on the government to do it.

But tonight/today (which is way I thought of this) we are suppose to get 7″ to 10″ of snow. It is to start something after midnight – which is about 2 hours from now. So what the hell with all this snow and ice, I’m in the south? Where is the heat? Where is the humidity? Where is the global warming when you need it? Somebody get Copenhagen on the phone, someone call Al Gore I’ve got a beef.

Oh well I have food, water, firewood and a generator just in case.

  • mike

    actualy now it’s called “climate change”. probably cause in copeinhagen they are under a few feet of snow and ice

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=100000805305838 MagicStar Net Works

    I, too, live in Western KY. I am on facebook at the above website address. I hope you will add me as a friend.

    I am trying to get some people together to start a small, self-sufficient community somewhere here in the boonies (off the grid, with a well, grow the food, etc.) I think that times are going to get much worse sooner rather than later – I am seeing a near future with food shortages.

    I am not necessarily a Republican like you are, though I do live in the area just like you do . But strangely enough, I agree with most of everything you write. Not only do I agree, but I like your writing style! :)

    Yes, we Kentucky people really did not need the Feds here at all during the ice storm. Mostly they were just in the way, though they did help the power companies clean up some of the mess at first. But people in KY have enough sense to keep food stocked up, generators, extra fuel, water, and whatever… Everybody just got up and out there and went to work and pretty soon it was taken care of! Neighbors helping neighbors, people organized things in the community for those who needed any help. We survived quite nicely, thank you very much! Our sheriff was very capable and organized, and Emergency Mgmt (Reidland)… well, they are probably still working on who is supposed to pay for all that extra stuff, like the new computers, tvs, etc…

    People here are not afraid of getting off their butts and working. I had a bad virus at the time of the ice storm, thought I might croak, but I had dozens of loads of fallen trees and branches as high as my neck all over my (BIG) back yard. I went out every day and picked up branches and stacked them up – took me quite a while, but I got them all up (had to ask for a little help on a few of them, couldn’t budge them myself – I am a small woman!)

    Those people in the cities need to learn how to take care of themselves. If the grid goes down after Peak Oil, most of Western KY will know just what they need to do. They will just make that garden bigger, buy some chickens, and go on…

    Makes you proud, don’t it? :)
    You’re ok, even if you are a Republican! :) I will be back to read again!

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Actually I lean Libertarian, but if you agree with me then perhaps you are too.

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