Jan 21

Dems claim Brown elected only because people want healthcare… do what?

Well to listen to the progressive liberal democrats in Washington today you would think that they have had a epiphany, an awakening, a coming to Jesus meeting in the wake of the Scott Brown winning the beloved “Ted Kennedy” seat, yep today they are out their talking bipartisan, working across the aisle, working with the republicans, listing to the people, hearing your concerns and knowing they were out of touch… don’t you believe it, they are blowing smoke up your butt and can get their tiny minds around the fact they got a good old fashion Mass. kicking.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Chuckie and others are all out there talking about working together today something that they haven’t tried at all in the last year and now we’re suppose to believe that’s what they want to do… yeah right. Just hearing the sound bites today, the press releases and the interviews with the progressive liberal in congress has been a mixture of laughter and nausea. Three days ago electing Scott Brown was unthinkable to them, no people in their right mind would put a Republican in “Teddy Kennedy’s seat”, but now they are desperately trying to spin Brown’s election as the populous upset that the democrats DID NOT pass healthcare… let’s get this right the people in Massachusetts are mad at the democrats in Washington NOT because they are trying to cram universal healthcare and the taxes that come with it down our throat, but because they haven’t passed universal healthcare yet and in their anger they elected a conservative republican that said he would vote NO on healthcare over a sure YES vote in Coakley? That’s what they want you to believe, they are either completely delusional or they think you are just that stupid.

Watch this video of Chris Matthews and Howard Dean, it’s so crazy that no even Matthews is buying it.
(I’m not sure but I believe MSNBC has given Matthews a written warning for using logic on the air.)

Post-Coakley Lib Crack-up: Matthews, Dean Call Each Other Crazy

Can you believe Dean… what is he drinking? Don’t buy the spin you’ll get burned. They will talk a good bipartisan game for a week of two and then they will be right back to their socialist ways, they can’t help it, it’s in their blood, we know their games and the Party of Lies is lying again.

  • http://stilettosinthesand.blogspot.com/ BT in SA

    And the “spin” on this comes as a surprise, how? Yeah.

    Cannot believe the jeja is going back to “Main Street” [Ohio?] to continue to push this up our butts! The man DOES NOT get it. He just doesn’t. And never will.

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Well if you heard his dribble today he is on the “we want our money back” mantra… I’m like who’s money? Your base and supports don’t pay any taxes so it’s not their money.

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