Jan 06

The Angry Crystal ball of 2010

I have had a few people over the last month ask me what my predictions are for 2010 might be… well not being “The Amazing Criswell,” predictions really are not my thing. So I am predicting that this request is a direct result of some of my “I told you so” post. However, since I’m not big on soothsayers… after all weatherman can not tell you the weather from one day to the next even though phony global warming alarmist predict it a 1000 years out — who am I to predict anything beyond today? But for the sake of argument I’ll toss a few out there for fun…

1.) Obama will continue to blame George W. Bush, the previous eight year and the prior administration… and the boogieman under the bed.

2.) Janet Incompitano resigns amongst raising heat over her continued failures as Secretary of Homeland Security. (Obama appoints a sock-monkey and this is seen as a great improvement over the status quo.)

3.) Healthcare takeover passes at great political cost to the democrat “Party of Lies” and long term predictions is that back ally/shade tree medicine and doctors springs up across the country as doctors completely leave the system to work outside of it and years of costly constitutional lawsuits begin. Meanwhile you are already paying taxes on it and as a result of lawsuits government will take over health care completely to “get legal” and obey the constitution kill private medicine.

4.) Obama continues to be devoid of emotion and detached from the realities to everyday America resulting in lower approval numbers. His drop slows as you’re never change the bots, but barring some great patriotic epiphany he will be in the low 40′s high 30′s by the Nov 2010 elections and Michelle will still be a troll.

5.) Cap and Trade will die in congress as America and the world recovers from one of the coldest and worst winters in decades congress will not have the time to push it through before the election.

6.) Harry Reid (D-NV), Chris Dodd (D-CT) are out and the GOP picks up 5 in the senate. Alan Grayson (D-FL), Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), Bobby Bright (D-AL) are out and the GOP picks up 14 in the House. Rand Paul wins Kentucky’s senate seat after a ugly primary race with the scumbag RINO Trey Grayson — haven’t we had enough Grayson’s in Washington… Alan anyone?
(UPDATE: The post was written but not yet up and part of one is already true… Chris Dodd is OUT.)

7.) Cass Sunstein and Mark Lloyd resigns in the dark of night, likely on a holiday weekend much like Van Jones and Anita Dunn.

8.) The Dollar will continue to slide, gold and silver will rise somewhat and more people will go to a underground economy as the government raises taxes to fund more handouts and attempt to stabilize the debt. All of this in addition to the end of the Bush tax cuts will crush the middle class.

9.) The housing market will continue to be slow if not recede as the first time home buyers credits expire, home values will be stagnate and the Obama thugocracy will coin the phrase “Equity neutral housing recovery” (OK the coined phrase will not happen, but if it did would you be surprised?)

10.) The Tea Parties rise in political influence and power as more rallies are held and they grow in size, many so-called conservatives currently in office will try to ride the coat tails of the movement only to be exposed as frauds. The mainstream media will continue to marginalize and ridicule the Tea Parties as ‘right-wing extremist’ and ‘teabaggers’ as a result they will realize fewer and fewer views as they become a shell of their former selves. Liberal and Conservative elitist will continue to label them as uneducated-backwoods-knuckle-dragging-morons that would not have the sense God gave a goose only to have their snobbish bubble busted by the formerly apathetic and now well informed mainstream America.

11.) As political correctness runs rampant in the security of the nation and the government continues to profile objects (i.e. shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste etc) and not people. The airline industry will suffer huge loses as fuel cost rise, passengers decline as more and more Americans realize they can drive to their destination faster than flying and as a result the airline industry will seek a federal bailout and impose more ridiculous fees.

12.) California will seek and receive a federal bailout, they may even revert to territory status and become a ward of the United States, the upside to this all California politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein would become delegate and no long have the right to cast votes in congress… additionally the 55 electoral votes that are normally a lock for the Party of Lies Democrats would be lost and no longer in play.

13.) As states and the federal government continue to spend far more than they take in, they will look for new and more creative methods of taxation. You are likely to see a retroactive reinstatement of the death tax, national sales tax, internet sales tax and value added tax, national plastax and various other new taxes. (There are several other taxes I’ve thought of but I dare not post them as someone might get an idea.)

14.) Items in number 13 will spark a tax national revolt and possibly a constitutional congress to repeal the 16th amendment.

15.) Rahm-Rahmbo dead-fish Emanuel resigns and runs for Roland Burris’s senate seat or Chicago mayor. (Obama appoints the late Al Capone as Chief of Staff)

16.) Obama will continue to think much more highly of himself than anyone does, he will continue to minimize America’s position in the world and will become a global laughing stock. Nero will fiddle while Rome burns.

17.) Nancy Pelosi will be ousted as Speaker of the House, she will retain her congressional seat in liberal-land of San Franfreako.

18.) Sadly another moron from the Party of Lies Steny Hoyer will be elected speaker.

19.) Sadly another moron from the Party of Lies Chuck Schumer will be become Majority Leader

20.) There will be a large scale terrorist attack costing many lives on the mainland United States, Obama will be slow to react.

Now I have nothing to back this predictions up… no great insight, no heavy research, no bar and graph charts… not even a Magic Eight Ball. There just out there for what they are worth and we’ll see this time next year what’s-what.

UPDATE: 1 correct so far – Chris Dodd is out.
UPDATE: 2 Rahmbo looking at running for mayor.

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