Nov 23

New creatures verses endangered creatures…

The loons on the left will tell you how man is destroying the the planet… and we are killing off all the animals, but do they tell you about the ones that are discovered… oh it’s reported it’s just rarely in the news so let’s have a look at what is found verses what is threatened according to the loons and we’ll even cover protect introduced species at the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars of your money.

delta_smelt_1I’m sure you’ve heard about the California Delta Smelt… you know that little fish that they are starving the farmers of waters so to, as the loony left environmentalist claim not to endanger? 10′s of 1000′s of farmers who have farmed their land for generation can no long do so do to a lack of water thanks to these loons and the Delta Smelt.

Then we have the poor pitiful polar bears… which have actually increased in population over the last few years. The linked article says…

Despite global warming, an ongoing study says polar bear populations are rising in the country’s eastern Arctic region.

Well how is that possible with global warming and all… I guess global warming is a hoax.. not that scientist would lie.

But here’s the deal… something I’ve seen over and over for the past year is obscure rare reports of not one, but thousands of new species discovered… on a planet that nearly every inch has been inhabited or explored there are still 1000′s of creatures we’ve never seen until recently. Now keep in mind long before humans ever took there first step upright 99.99% of every species had already gone extinct. 1,000,000′s of 1,000,000′s of species fish, insects, primates, mammals, bacteria, dinosaurs, birds and on and on… and it is estimated 1000′s of species go extinct every year, many before every discovered by man, but bet your ass the loons will blame man for the extinction of animals not yet discovered.

So let’s have a look at what’s been found in the past year or so…

Every cloud there is a silver lining…
‘Outlandish’ Creatures Found Living Deep in the Ocean

The researchers have found about 5,600 new species on top of the 230,000 known. They hope to add several thousand more by October 2010, when the census will be done.

But wait there is more from the jungles of New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Kenya and Sulawesi…
New Creatures in an Age of Extinctions

And this is just mammals alone…

an astounding 400 or so new species have been added to the list. “Most people don’t realize this,” he said, “but we are smack-dab in the middle of the age of discovery for mammals.”

But wait some more there is still more…
Tiny Deer, Flying Frog Among 350 New Species Found in Himalayas

The world’s smallest deer, a flying frog and catfish that stick to rocks — as well as more than 350 other new species — have been discovered over the past decade in the Himalayas

But we’re not done yet… oh no.
Lost world of fanged frogs and giant rats discovered in Papua New Guinea

A team of scientists from Britain, the United States and Papua New Guinea found more than 40 previously unidentified species when they climbed into the kilometre-deep crater of Mount Bosavi

Still there is more…
Photos: treasure trove of new species discovered in Ecuador

The team found 11 new species during the RAP (Rapid Assessment Program) that are considered threatened globally.

Note this article.. ‘we’ just found them and they are already threatened… how do they know? They just found them, what were they before we found them.. extincted? Typical liberal bullcrap! Claiming a animal is threatened that they just found and have ZERO population history on… this is one of the many reason I never believe anything the environmental alarmist says.

Still more…
Five New Pygmy Seahorse Species Found

The Walea pygmy seahorse is one of five species named in a flurry of recent seahorse discoveries from coral reefs in the Red Sea and Indonesia.

And yet still more…
Many New Species Discovered In Hidden Mozambique Oasis

they found a wealth of wildlife, including three new species of butterfly and an undiscovered species of adder. The scientists believe there are at least two novel species of plant and perhaps more new insects to identify.

Just in case that is not enough here are a few more…
New plant discovered in the Philippines is a giant rat-eating plant!
137 New Plant Species Discovered
Rare Plant Thought Extinct Re-discovered in Upstate New York
168 new plant species discovered in Greater Mekong

And these is just a few of the discoveries reported in the last couple of years… and we are wringing our hands over the San Fransisco Bay Delta Smelt… granted everything deserves to live.. but you don’t do it at the peril of you’re own species. Besides can’t they put screens over the pumps so they don’t suck the little fish in them… just saying, a little common sense goes a long way.

So the next time some WWF, Sierra Club, NATGEO or Discovery Channel shows whines about the hoax global warming and how many are killing off all the animals.. ask them “then if that’s true where are all the new ones coming from?”

Then there is this sham…

My own Representative Ed Whitfield voted to fund the American Wild Horse H.R. 1018 at the tune of $700,000,000.00… there is one problem with that… well actually there is 700 million problems, there is no such thing as the American Horse… horses were introduced into North America by Spanish in the 1500′s! The North American horse went extinct about 8000-10,000 years ago… I blame global warming and George Bush. But the wild horse in America today are ferrell horses, just like wild pigs in North America were introduced by Spanish as are the Norway rat, danilon, sparrow, kudzu vine,  black bird, starling, red fox, European hare and about 10,000 others critters and plants  introduced into North America are we spending million to protect them?

No … why because there range is on top of the largest shale oil reserves in the world… which the wild horse are thus putting the ability to drill there off limits.

I’ve asked Whitfield when we are going to spend millions to protect the wild kudzu vine, introduced just as the horses… I’m still waiting for an answer.

  • Catherine

    I agree with everything you stated, with one exception; The American Mustang. The Mustang helped create this great country just as much as our founding fathers did. Without the Mustang Lewis and Clark would have failed. Without the Mustang the pioneers who “invaded” the west would never had done so as quickly as they did. Without the Mustang there would have been no “wild west”. Without the Mustang there would have been no “Plains Horse Indians”. I have owned and worked with Mustangs, among other horse breeds, and they are the most surefooted, intelligent and versatile horse in the world. The only horse that comes close to the American Mustang is the Desert Arabian. Mustangs deserve to be protected and given the respect of being a distinctly American breed. The Nez Pierce have tales of there being modern horses on the west coast before the Europeans brought theirs to American shores and it was they who developed the Appaloosa breed. This country has repaid this beautiful horse by allowing meat packing plants to slaughter them by the thousands. Ranchers have been allowed a free for all shooting of these horses on the pretense that they eat the food on the prairie that their cattle need, even though cattle and horses do not eat the same prairie flora. During the winter snows, a Mustang will paw through the snow to get at the food beneath, allowing cattle to come afterwards and eat also, while a cow will stand there and starve/freeze to death. Now, thanks to Wild Horse Annie, people can adopt these wonderful animals from the BLM for $125.00 if they can show they have the neccesary facilities and know how to care for them. Once you gain the trust of a Mustang that Mustang will walk through fire for you.

    Yes, you’ve hit a sore spot with me. The American Wild Horse, the Mustang, is an important part of American History and very much a separate breed, descended from Spanish Barb, Andalusian, Arabians, English Thoroughbreds and even a bit of Western Europe’s draft breeds. The American Mustang gave us the Quarter Horse, the Paint Horse, the Appaloosa, the Morgan Horse, the Tennesee Walker and other strictly American breeds. All American breeds of horses can trace their lineage back to the American Wild Horse. They are well over due for protection from this country, more so than a fish which can be filtered out of pumps, Polar Bears which are increasing in numbers and a small insect that can be moved instead of halting the installation of drilling platforms in the dessert. They deserve the opportunity to live free and wild just as much as the American Eagle.

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      If you agree with everything I say I’d worry about your ability for independent thought… with that said it doesn’t change the fact it’s an introduced species not native to North America nor does it negate the fact most of the land used to “protect” the so-called American mustang is directly on top of some of the largest shale oil reserves in the country, now I ask you do you think the liberals are protecting the mustang or hampering the our ability to drill for shale oil to push their “green” agenda?

      Oh the American Eagle is a NATIVE species the horse is not. Remember I’m in Kentucky the HORSE state… horse everywhere, my family has horses I grew with horses, mules, ponies, burros etc… but it will never change the fact they were brought here in the 1500′s and without the Spanish the Indian’s would have never had horses.

      • Catherine

        Actually, I agree with what you say quite often. That being said, my ability for indepedent thought is fine and well, thank you very much.

        The Modern Horse evolved in North America from Eohippus, or “Dawn Horse”. It is believed that Modern Horse migrated across the bering straight when it was a natural land bridge and those that stayed in North America were hunted to extinction. This belief is merely because there have not been fosil remains yet found that prove horses were in North America when the Spanish arrived with their Andalusians and Spanish Barbs. I say “yet” because: There are many stories among Native Americans about indigenous horses being on the west coast of North America at the same time the Conquistadors were amazing the Incas and Mayans in the Eastern area of what is now Mexico with their imported horses. It has been theorized that if every horse brought to North America from Europe since the 1500s bred at a rate of one foal per breeding cycle the numbers still would not match the vast numbers of horses that were roaming free by the mid 1800s. The only explanation is that there was already an American Wild Horse in the ecosystem. Many of the American Wild Horses are showing characteristics of the wild horses in Siberia and of those in cave art of North America, characteristics which are said to be “throwbacks”. The genetics are there and they sure did not come from Spain because the Spanish horses are descended from Arabians that are genetically far removed from the short, stocky Siberian wild horse. There are many “native” species of all kinds of animals of which no fosil record has been found, yet that does not mean there are none to be found.

        As far as the shale oil reserves are concerned: I was born, raised and live in Texas. Drilling for oil and outfitting the rig will not harm horses, or cattle for that matter. It would only take a few accomodations to ensure that any and all livestock are protected while the oil reserves are tapped. It has been carried out many times on ranchland here. There are even oil rigs in the San Bernard Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf Coast and the wildlife is just fine and thriving.

        The problem is that people go too far and become fanatical. Horses, as well as other animals, do not, as a rule, enjoy being around the bright lights and strange noises of a drilling rig. Animals will stay their distance and not “bother” the riggers. Ranchers make sure fences are secure and water sources for their livestock is kept unpoluted during the drilling. Texas is Horse Country, Ranch Country AND Oil Country and we blend all quite nicely. A Texas Rancher does not slaughter his livestock just because oil is discoved on his land, yet neither does he refuse to drill, he makes sure his livestock is safe before, during and after the drilling process and manages a very nice profit.

        I never once said the American Eagle was not “native”, however, I stand by my belief that The American Wild Horse deserves to be protected just as much as our national bird. I could write volumes about how important the Horse is to this country, historically and present day.

        Contrary to popular belief, we are not running out of oil. There are huge oil reserves all over American lands and off shore. The liberals will twist anything and everything to fit their own agenda. The entire “green movement”, as a whole, is nothing more than a political farce. However, there are some ways that we can work with nature that will benefit us and this world God gave us, after all, Humans are part of the animal kingdom too.

        • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

          I know you can drill for oil with livestock, you know that… tell it to the liberals… remember they want to stop ANWR because of the porcupine caribou so equally they’ll say we can drill for scale oil because of the wild horse… it’s a scam they don’t care about the horse (which the fossil record shows died out about 8-10,000 years ago in North and South America) hell we can’t even pump water because of the Delta Smelt!

          It’s not about protection, it’s about control. We can’t build coal fired plants, we can’t build nuclear plants, we can’t drill for oil, we can’t tap our nature gas… what in the hell do they think we are going to use for energy… happy thoughts and warm fuzzies? You get the point.

          You have your position on the wild horse, that’s cool! I respect that, I just don’t agree… I like horse, and as I said I grew up them and my family still has them don’t mean we need laws and 100′s of millions of dollars to protect them.

      • Anonymous

        The liberals could care less about the horses. They just want to keep us dependent on oil from foreign countries.

  • tymann

    I thoroughly agree with the statements made by Catherine above and I support HR 1018.

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