Oct 22

Obama’s Dereliction of Duty

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Pardon me while I ramble, sometimes you just have to ramble…

Obama is doing what the military would call “dereliction of duty” in delaying to give the troops in the field the support they need. This is my opinion is a impeachable offense… he is hem-hawing be-bobbing around on reinforcing the troops and the whole while more and more Americans are being lost because Obama has FAILED to supply the military with the manpower they need and have requested repeatedly! Oh everything else Obama want’s to do on the domestic agenda has to be done yesterday, but to provide the military with the funding and manpower they need can wait? It’s nothing short of dereliction of duty and being derelict in terms of supporting the military is only the tip of the iceberg of this man-child’s ‘unprecedented’ and ‘historic’ failure as a leader… why I’d say he’s not only a worse President than Jimmy Carter, he the worse President since the Great Depression and dereliction of duty is only one of his offenses against this country.

Now dereliction of duty means in case you haven’t read the UCMJ lately – “that one willfully, through negligence or culpable inefficiency, fails to perform one’s expected duties. Ineptitude is a defense against the charge. The maximum penalty in the U.S. is a bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of pay and six months confinement. Acts which are derelict may be charged under more specific offenses such as missing movement, noncompliance with procedural rules, misbehavior, malingering, self-injury with intent to avoid service, or straggling.” That would be a summery of Article 92 for those of you bored enough to read it.

So with that said, I say that Obama is straggling, misbehaving, malingering, failing to perform and culpably inefficient, but he does have one defense “ineptitude” and I believe that more and more people are finding out that Obama is in fact inept. He clearly as no idea how to run a war and this is why many in the military at high levels are coming out and dropping ‘hints’ (i.e. media bombs) that Obama is dropping the ball on Afghanistan and that they need more troops now, not after the Latin Music Festival at the White House, not after begging for the Olympics in Denmark, not after jetting around the country on the taxpayer dime campaigning for a bunch of loser Democrat, not after taking time to blame Bush for everything on the planet… Obama is out of excuses and yesterday Dick Chaney come out and said Obama is dithering and costing America lives…

Cheney: Stop the ‘dithering’ as troops face danger

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday night accused the White House of dithering over the strategy for the war in Afghanistan and urged President Barack Obama to “do what it takes to win.”

“Make no mistake. Signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries,” Cheney said while accepting an award from a conservative national security group, the Center for Security Policy.

Even the Chicago Sun Times that the other day pointed that Obama is dropping the ball…
Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals

You’d think it’s October 2008, the final month in the Obama presidential candidacy, rather than October 2009, nine months into the Obama presidency. Yet the Obama White House is in full campaign mode — maybe because it needs to mask the shortcomings of the Obama presidency.

Shortcomings? Well you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig as the saying goes so saying ‘shortcomings’ is being kind, I’d say no comings… case in point the FAILED stimulus package that cost the taxpayer $787,000,000,0000.00 wasted dollars has yet to create the promised job growth, nope in fact 49 of 50 states have lost jobs. Even the White House has not knowingly admitted that the stimulus was a failure. All while the Democrats are gearing up to raise the debt limit to $13 TRILLION dollars!

7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs

Remember Obama said that the unemployment rate that would be held to 8% or would get as high as 9% WITHOUT the stimulus is now at 9.5% and the answer we get from the Obama White House is get use to it? Even the APObama says that high unemployment is the new norm and the morons on the left still think this incompetent clown is doing a super-duper job. I still want to LMAO every time I hear this joke, Obama say that he has saved or created jobs… name one that wasn’t with the government! One! Name it! And yet jobless claims are up again… but oh we are recovering right? It’s a joke!

So while the country falls apart and Obama pushes for public health care and his extreme left-wing agenda he waste time attacking Fox News, meeting with MSNBC at the White House,  attacking insurance companies, attacking profitable businesses, attacking the US Chamber and Commerce, whines and cries about Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, flies around playing fundraiser in chief, goes on late night talk shows and breaks his arm patting himself on the back for doing absolutely nothing our men and women in the military are be hamstrung by a cowardice do-nothing whiner in thief Obama. And while we’re at it let us not forget his taxpayer funded Wednesday night White House parties he has every week, but doesn’t have time to talk to the commanders on the ground in Afghanistan.

(Oh just so you know.. the US Chamber of Commerce has over 3,000,000 member businesses of which 95% of those business employ LESS THAN 100 people… these attacks aren’t on just Talk Radio, Fox News and Chamber.. they are against you the hard working taxpayer that ACTUALLY cares about the country.)

And now today Obama cut’s the pay of Wall St executives… oh he claims he knew nothing about it, but if you recall when he took over the banks and the car companies he said the government was just a share holder and would not meddle as he was to busy running two wars. Well Obama why don’t you stop trying to run the banks, the car companies, the health care industry and start running the war… surely you can’t screw it up in worse than you’re doing now by doing nothing. But here’s a thought if Obama can cut the pay of the bank executives the government has taken over how long will it be before they start cutting the handouts to the moochers and slackers of the country? There is something you can tell your entitlement friends… tell them that the government is out of money (and it is) and in order to get back on track Obama is going to have to cut the freebie handouts. It might not be true, but so what nothing the mainstream media says is true either.

Well I’m don’t rambling all over the place for now… there is just so much going on it is really hard to keep up and sound mildly coherent. I swear if I stop typing for a few minutes and go look at the news there are 6 or 8 new news stories of something stupid this government is trying to pull or something incredibly stupid they’ve done.

Oh one last thought… did you hear on Rush Limbaugh a lady called in and said she called the FBI to find out what was going on with ACORN and a few other things and the FBI…. THe FBI told her to listen to Limbaugh or watch Fox News and Glenn Beck to find out what was going on as that was what they did… the FBI watches Fox, Beck and listens to Rush to get a clue, somehow I’m not surprised.

  • Catherine

    Your ramblings are always on the mark and very enjoyable to read. You impart valuable information with each post and provide the sources. Thank you for all your ramblings!

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Trust me there are days I just want to pop in a movie or read a non-political book and never read a single page of news and watch a single minute of “talk radio” TV. Maybe just spend the day playing a game and wondering aimlessly through the forest… but NOOOOO! It’s all moving to fast to take a minute off.

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