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UPDATED: Life Expectancy and the liberal spin


UPDATE at the bottom..

Oh there I go again with the those annoying FACTS. Why no one has connected these dots yet is beyond me, it’s not rocket science.

According to one study…

The typical life expectancy in the U.S. reached 77.9 years in 2007. Over the past decade the American lifespan has increased 1.4 years, up from 76.5 in 1997, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of death certificates in the United States.

Or pick another study…

Life Expectancy Hits Record High in United States

Americans’ life expectancy reached a record high of 78.1 years in 2006, with disparities among ethnic groups and between the sexes generally narrowing, according to government data released yesterday.

Since I’m not a glass half empty liberal I’m going with 78.1 years.

The overall U.S. life expectancy of 78.1 years was up 0.3 years from 2005. Life expectancy for women was 80.7 years, and for men, 75.4 years. The disparity between the sexes — 5.3 years — has been declining since it peaked at about eight years in 1979.

White women had the longest life expectancy, at 81 years, followed by black women (76.9 years), white men (76 years) and black men (70 years). The gap between men and women is markedly greater in blacks (6.9 years) than in whites (five years). the study in question did not state the life expectancy of Hispanics, Asian or Native America but factors them in, go figure. I’ll try to dig that info up later.

Now the Liberal like to point out at the life expectancy in the US is lower than some other country and some of those countries have National Health Care… ok fine why? Well America has a very diverse population made up of 100′s of nationalities. I don’t have the time nor energy to look up ever ethnic group in the country so we’ll deal with the big five… Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americas, if I left your ethnicity out I’m not dissing you I just can’t factor them all I’d need a lot more time, more money and a bigger team and as it stands right now it’s me, a few computers and no money. So cut me some slack I’m not the CDC.

Countries With the Longest Life Expectancy

However, according to yet another study (there are 100′s) if you manage to live to age 60 you in America can expect to live another 20.30 years, which puts us in 30th place and the liberals lose their mind about that… well first place  if you make it to 60 goes to Iceland at 22.48 a full 2.18 years… or roughly 2.2 year between 1st and 30th not really that much when you put the numbers in perspective, besides to get to 1st place you’d have to live in Iceland… need I say more?

OK more facts… those annoying facts, first lets look at a few…

Who lives the longest anywhere on earth? It’s the people of the Island Nation of Macau has the longest life expectancy at 84.36 year… but they have a total population of 559,846 people while under the administrative control of China, Macau was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century and is a small isolated homogeneous island people. They have nearly zero in ethnic diversity and by result have certain strength breed into there tiny population.

That is one example and there are many of of small homogeneous nations that have life expectancy longer than other heterogeneous populations like oh I don’t know… the United States! Some of the longest living folks in the world are from HUGE countries like… Andorra, San Marino, Singapore, San Marino, Guernsey, Iceland, Anguilla, Liechtenstein and several other countries that the United States could swallow up without notice and has many towns much larger than their entire population. But all of these country have something in common, they have small homogeneous populations.

OK for the liberal out there a “homogeneous populations” are people of the same ethnicity. Lack of ethic diversity among select populations can increases or decrease life span do to a number of factors, it is for lack of a better word selective breeding. (Quick someone yell racist.)

Now the United States is the most ethnically deserve population on the earth or what is called a heterogeneous population. So comparing homogeneous populations against heterogeneous populations which the left is doing is comparing apples and oranges. So with that in mind lets try to break it down.

Let’s keep it simple and deal with just American of what ever hyphenated name with want to use, I don’t use them and we’ll stick with the 5 largest ethnic groups as noted earlier. So it’s simple, Asian live longer than Whites, Whites live longer than Hispanics, Hispanics live longer than Blacks and Blacks live longer than Native Americans… sorry Native Americans you’re going to have to go to remote Africa to find folks that die before you. So why is it that way?

Historically Asians have a healthier diet and lower cancer rate, they eat more fish, fruits and vegetables, therefore if you see a 500 pound Asian they’re a Sumo wrestler. Now with that said cancer rates have been on the rise in the Asian population and has been hypothesized to be because of the influx of a high fat and fried western diet. Asian American have caught up and passed many White Americans in some cancer rates.

However as a populations Asians have the second lowest across the board cancer rates, oddly enough it’s Native American with the lowest rate, but equally the lowest life expectancy… we’ll get to that later. Overall Whites have a lower cancer rate than Black, why? It’s all about genetics, ethnicity and lifestyle it’s the same reason Asians and Native Americans are lower than Whites. The Hispanics are about third behind the Asians, but they have a lower life expectancy than Whites who have a higher cancer rate, so the libs would say this is racist… well it’s not, it’s genetics.

From observations Hispanics tend to drink more as a population, smoke more and young Hispanic men in urban area tend to be involved in gangs, just as many young Black men which do and to their rather violent life it’s brings the overall life expectancy down of these groups. In fact the murder rate amongst young black men are substantially higher than any other race. Blacks make up 12.8% of the population but have a murder rate many, many times higher than whites and while Blacks compose only 12.8% of the total population in 2005, the latest data available, Black were the victims of 49 percent of all murders committed and 93% of those murders are same race murders. Quick math would put this murder rate at about 8 times that of all other races combined. Overall the breakdown is Black first, Hispanics second, Whites third and Asians last in murder rates, I could not find any data on where Native Americans fall, but I’d guess last… but that’s just a guess based on population density.

Here is a little info for you liberal idiots, between 2001-2008 there were 117,361 murders in the US this does not include any murders in 2009, by comparison ALL hostile military actions deaths from 2001 to date 8-22-2009 in Iraq and Afghanistan is 5197. So based on those numbers you are 23 times safer in a combat zone than on the streets of the United States… put that little FACT in your liberal ass wee wee pipe and smoke it and salute those that have fallen in the line of service to their country.

Now why are Native American who has the lowest cancer rate and low murder rate in the country live the shortest amount of time? Two reasons really, the first is alcoholism and suicide. Native Americans have the highest alcoholism rate in the country 10% of all Native Americans has a problem with alcoholism… and the second reason they have the highest suicide rate as a ethnic group, after all alcohol is a depressant. But the real kicker is they have taxpayer funded, government run health care which has been identified as the worst health care in the country and only slightly ahead of the VA both which is government ran, government funded national health care… and the morons on the left want the same poor service for you. An idiot and his health is soon parted.

(Oh and if you are wondering why Native American have a high alcoholism rate, it’s genetic. European decent people have 1000′s of years of drinking as do Asians thus putting them at the least risk, Hispanic and Black have a higher risk than Whites and Asian, but nothing compared to Native American.  Remember the west was as much won with a Remington as it was with Whiskey.)

Indian Health Care: Rounds’ Concerns

So you see the liberal argument just doesn’t hold water, they toss out small population like “look at France” that has a population of 65,073,482 and if you calculate ALL of France not just “metropolitan France” which is always listed as their life expectancy as 80.98 which is the number the liberal like to use,  but the real number if you include all of Frances possessions and non “Metropolitan” area is 75.41 a full 2.5 year less than the United States, but the liberals don’t want you to know their numbers are manipulated. Oh they also toss Japan into the mix, remind them Japan is a homogeneous population which the United States is not.

Reality is the United State’s diversity (heterogeneous populations) is unrivaled in both size and make up so it would be difficult to compare it’s people to any other nation on earth, except maybe Russia… but that would never work for the liberal because their life expectancy in Russia is 62.12 years for males and 72.83 for female and that kind of spits in the face of their whining. Oh and Russia has socialized medicine too.

Think about it.

UPDATE: I had to go to the Doctor today, nothing big just a mole (seborrheic keratosis) he froze to remove. But he and I talked for a while about politics and health care, I’d say we spend more time talking about politics then the reason for my visit, which was fine by my I just wanted to know it wasn’t cancerous. Which it wasn’t, sorry liberals I’m still here. Anyway the Doctor was in line with my thinking NO GOVERNMENT RAN HEALTH CARE now keep in mind I’m self insured, I pay out of pocket 100% and often I pay less then your insurance deductible because I require no paperwork, no hassles, no trouble, no waiting for your money and therefore I’m easier to bill and collect as I pay right there on the way out the door. Doctors like that and they reward that with better cost… which would mean that if everyone paid out of pocket for small routine visits via a health saving account, the only insurance you’d need was catastrophic coverage and over rates for everyone would be lower.

Anyway he and I were talking about “Life Expectancy” which he had no idea about this post I wrote and I begin telling him my findings and he said that’s all true, but the biggest problem with life expectancy in this country is not health care, it’s people living off fast food tacos and cheeseburgers, look around at all the fat people in this country! Look at all the possessed frozen food people eat! And I thought true every time I go to the store and I see someone buy their food on food stamps, they have frozen foods, microwavable foods, snacks and junk food and rarely anything healthy… so if you want to figure out way we have a lower life expectancy… look on further than food stamps and a the fat lazy people setting around all day stuffing their face on your tax dollars with fattening microwavable meals.

So aside from genetics and heterogeneous population… you can look to food stamps and junk food and none of them have a damn thing to do with the quality of health care.

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