Jun 25

$20,000,000.00 Bridge to create 10,500 jobs… so they claims.

Obama announces job-counting rules

Let manipulate some numbers shall we…

If the numbers are to be reliable, however, states, cities and contractors must report honestly. White House officials know there are political and financial incentive to cheat: Contractors can use job-creation data as a public relations ploy. Local politicians can turn job numbers into campaign literature. And states that use the money well could be in line to get more of it.

In the absence of these rules, some states have announced jobs based on out-of-date formulas, leading to implausible estimates. Ohio officials, for instance, have estimated that a $20 million bridge construction project will create or save 10,500 jobs.

Did you read that… Obama’s porkulus package is going to build a bridge in Ohio for $20,000,000.00 ($20M) and it’s going to create 10,500 jobs according to the Democrats in Ohio…. YES you read that right 10,500 jobs.

Let’s do some math…
20,000,000 divided by 10,500 equals 1904.76


That would be $1904.76 per person before taxes to build a bridge and that includes building supplies. Now a bridge is built out on concrete most of the time and a square yard of concrete is about $100.00 delivered this doesn’t count re-bar, forming, engineering, design etc etc… so how much money would be left for those 10,500 jobs. I’m guessing about $20.00.

Folk the stimulus is not going to create any jobs it can’t. Even though Obama claimed it would create or save 3,500,000 jobs it can’t as we’ve lost about twice that many so far so the way my math works you can not create or save what have already lost. It’s just not possible.

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