Jun 18

The NANNY World

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard or read some friendly government tip on how you can raise your children better, eat better, live better, save better (like the government can hand out tips on saving) or do anything better because the government told you how and you’re to stupid to know this yourself.

Well, today I was listening to the radio and there was an on air ad that promoted that I could save money if I brown-bagged my lunch… ‘really’ I thought? I mean am I so ignorant that I need a government message on the radio to tell me that if I make a PB&J at home for about $0.25 and take it with me it will cost less than going to a restaurant and spending $10.00? Is this what the government is for, nannying and being my mommy? The commercial went on to say that if I drank water for the tap instead of a plastic bottle I’d save money and help the planet, again I say “Really?” You mean water from my tap that is cheaper than buying it 16 oz. at a time in a plastic bottle? Gee thanks government for that little tip what would I do with out you. They listed some website address, but I mentality tuned it out long before they got that far as my mind was trying to digest the idea that I need government to point out the obvious to me. It was all common sense and I’m thinking the government is telling ME about common sense when they have none!

So let’s roll back the hands of time and hop in the way-back machine and venture through my own childhood and see just how I made it to adulthood. Yes, I rode in a car seat the hooked over a bench seat in the car and was made of metal tubing, no straps, painfully thin padding, and no laws telling you how to use it. I played with toys that had parts small enough to choke on, sharp enough to put an eye out and likely made out of something that would cause cancer if you ate 100 of them a day every day for 80 years. I had electrical toys that were not only a fire hazard, but capable of delivering shockingly good fun. I had BB Guns, sling shots, erector sets, chemistry sets, and knowledge how to make explosives from kitchens goods and yet somehow I managed without any help or guidance from the government made it to adulthood in one piece… with… and get this WITH all my fingers, eyes, ears and limbs. AMAZING isn’t it? It seems to defy the odd!

But now as an adult I need to be reminded to “Click it or Ticket” even though the cars I grew up in didn’t even have a seat belt, then again the cars I grew up in were actually made of metal. Nowadays, I have to be told non stop about the dangers of smoking in addition to the warning on the packs and endless barrage of commercials. (For record I’m trying to quit, because of the taxes and cost and I haven’t had a smoke in 3 days, which isn’t that long and has made me quite cranky.) You know I’m grown, I do not need warning and labels on everything, I know what smoking does, I know what drinking does, I know not to use a blow dryer in the shower or bath and I know a dry cleaning bag is not a toy of small children, I know not to drink Drano and Preparation H is for external topical use only. I swear are people this stupid… I guess they are since it would seem they have to be told to put deodorant on in Florida.

Listen carefully and listen good… YOU CAN NOT LEGISLATE AND LABEL COMMON SENSE INTO EXISTENCES. Good Lord, if you could we wouldn’t have liberals, because the collective common sense you’ll find amongst the loony left wouldn’t fill a thimble, but who do you think is causing all this nanny legislation? Liberal and liberal lawyers in the world of no personal responsibility and blamelessness that they live in as I’ve stated before the only thing the loony left will blame is America, but somehow that blame doesn’t extend to their own ignorance and lack of common sense. Nope that’s someone else fault and we must sue.

Liberals call it heartless corporate America that care more for profits than consumer safety …. I call it thinning the herd.

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    You are whining. The grass is not greener on the other side. The right is just as looney as the left.

    Look at Bush and Palin and tell me that your palm does not make contact with your face while you sigh.

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