Mar 05

In over their heads … this is news?

obama_stuttering-copyIn a story released this morning Turbo Tax Tim has finally been identified by the MSM as in over his head, this is news? The entire Obama administration is in over their heads just in case they didn’t notice. Maybe they didn’t notice because they are to busy worrying about what Rush Limbaugh is saying? They are incompetent, plan and simple and onlt a fool would fall for their attempt to redirect the argument.

Now this afternoon the market is down another 280 points, hitting another new 12 year low, nice work loser. The more these two guys (Obama and Turbo Tim) talk the most the market drops. Now later in the day a story comes out that Obama’s need for “Focus Groups” is nothing more than sessions of more style than substance and is wearing thin with some. Well duh, that’s community organizing 101 … form a focus group and talk a lot and do nothing. It looks really good to the outside observer. I’m sure his health care focus good was just as effective as his economy focus group. remember that one where they were going to save the economy in about 3 hours.

Anyone that has paid even marginal attention would know that his focus groups are a joke, that his picks for his cabinet has not been vetted, that he can’t speak a coherant sentence without a teleprompter and that he has surrounded himself with the most partisan array of advisor’s ever in political history and it would seem that his top adviser is causing some of our biggest problem with Great Brittan. (A special note to my British friends … I didn’t vote for him or his bitchy wife!) So much for being the great uniter, looks to me to be more of a great divider.

So let me get this right he is pisses off the UK and then gives the Palestinians $900 million. Brilliant!

The Obama administration is screwing up so much, so fast it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all, truly it’s a cavalcade of clowns running the government. So if I seem to be rambling, over look it as I’ve been working to pay for my neighbors house and by the time I get home the news of their collective idiocy is everywhere … well every but MSNBC and the like. How this guy is at 60% is beyond me, maybe soon the Kool-Aid will wear off.

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