Oct 16

Glenn Beck’s 1791 Jeans… bargain or ripoff?

Do you listen to Glenn Beck? If you do then there is no way that you’ve missed that he has launched a new all American made jeans. Great right? Well if you are in the cult of Beck you’ve probably already ordered your 1791 Jeans…  but if you are like me you’ve said $129.99 a pair and $90.00 of a shirt! You’ve got to be f**king kidding me… are you on crack?

Don’t get me wrong I find Beck, Pat and Stu entertaining, but Beck is running a racket to milk his “follower” for all they are worth… and I will not be a part of it. Case in point…

Let’s have a look at Beck’s 1791 Jeans… now first I’m a huge buy American first guy and while a lot of my work has dried up thanks to this economy I still try to buy American made goods first when I can, admittedly with a shrinking budget and revenue that is hard to do and since I can’t afford a pair of Beck’s jeans and more importantly wouldn’t pay his price even if I could I decided to review what information I found on his website about his jeans – you know disclosures and information – well it ain’t much.

Beck as launched his 1791 Jeans touting them as 100% American made with American workers…

Glenn Beck’s Latest Endeavor Is…a Line of Jeans? Yup, and Get the Inspiring Details Here

1791: The Original Blueprint

[Here I was going to insert the ABOUT section where they are made, who makes them, blah, blah, blah ... but there is no information like that on their website other than Cone Denim and White Oak is a registered trademark of International Textile Group. Inc.]

CONE DENIM and WHITE OAK are registered trademarks of Cone Denim LLC, a division of International Textile Group, Inc.

I’ve tried to find out the who, what, when, where of Beck’s 1791 Jeans, but that info is not listed on his site the way it is on others and all I can find is they are made by ITG’s Cone Denim and White Oak … well who are they? Cone Denim operates in the U.S., Mexico, China, Nicaragua, Turkey and India – well it least part of it operates in the US – so there is no way to say that Beck’s jeans are 100% made in the USA. After all any place that is called “international” can’t be 100% American now can they?

Beck’s 1791 jeans are $129.99 a pair and the shirts are $90.00 a piece … I don’t know about you but I don’t live in a world where you spend $129.99 a pair for jeans and $90.00 for a shirt! If you talk to the folks at 1791 Jeans – which I have … they’ll tell you they are “made with selvage denim” – what’s selvage denim? Well it seems it forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel, OK great, but is it worth $129.99 a pair? Not to me it’s not and that’s really their only selling point that they repeat over and over again.

“It’s selvage denim!” they cry … so freaking what I reply, is using your fancy named denim that few are familiar with your only claim? Seriously, that’s the only thing I’ve heard from them and that’s weak – if selvage denim is you only selling point above other American jean companies you’ve got a problem with your products pricing point.

So what to do? Well there is a another company actually several other AMERICAN companies none that I have no affiliation with that sell 100% Made in America jeans one is called Diamond Gusset Jeans  that are 100% made in America and unlike Glenn Beck’s 1791 Jeans they will tell you where all the various parts are made. I picked them because they are a Southern company and they list where all their material comes from , but they are not the only one so this is not an endorsement of them.

So let’s take a look at Diamond Gusset Jeans are…

100% Made in the USA for 21 Years

The origins of Diamond Gusset Jeans:

  • Denim from American Cotton Growers™ (all over Southeast USA)
  • Buttons and burrs from Kentucky and Tennessee
  • Thread from Nashville
  • Hang Tags and Labels from Tennessee
  • Pocketing from Mississippi
  • Leatherette Patch from Atlanta
  • Sewn together in the Georgia mountains
  • Stonewashed in Georgia

The Hall cousins are the original inventors and owners of Diamond Gusset Jeans. Lifelong southerners, the Halls live in Tennessee, near Nashville where they operate Diamond Gusset. The hang tag on classic Diamond Gusset Jeans features a picture of the founders’ ancestors.

And here is the real kicker… they are less then half the price of Glenn Beck’s 1791 Jeans that Beck claims he is making as cheap as humanly possible without loosing money. You can buy the 100% made in America with 100% American pieces for $55.95 – that’s two pair of 100% American made jeans for less than the cost of one pair of Beck’s 1791 Jeans.

But wait there’s more… in fact there are a lot more and they are a lot cheaper than greedy Glenn’s…

Texas Jeans sell 100% American made jeans starting at $29.99 that’s a full C-note less than Beck.

There are even UNION made jeans that are 100% made in America starting at $36.99 (Note I do not dislike UNION workers, I dislike UNION attitudes.)

Then there are Pointer Brand Jeans that are 100% Made in America with 100% American component parts… starting at $43.00

And then there are Buddy’s Jeans 100% Made in the USA with men’s jeans starting at $39.95

All American Clothing Co. sales all 100% American clothing for a lot less than Beck.

And Always Made in USA sales guess what always made in America products with jeans starting at $21.99

Now I don’t begrudge Beck for trying to make a buck… but hey Glenn don’t try selling it as your jeans are the ONLY ones made in America and that you alone are the savior of the American made jeans, because you are screwing many fine companies making American Jeans at a lot less than yours – selvage freaking denim or not.

This is what pisses me off about Glenn Beck he is a product pusher and I’ve written about this before in Glenn Beck: Prophet or Profit – he spends a good chunk of his show pushing his books, his TV Show, his DVD’s, his magazine or whatever he has going and now it’s his jeans… more power to you Glenn it’s your show sell what you want Billy Mays! I’m all for capitalism but don’t use your air time to screw other American companies that hiring American workers to make American jeans with American materials just so you can sell you over priced “selvage denim” jeans … it’s unbecoming of a conservative.

See I’m a capitalist, but I’m not a crook which may be why I’m not a zillionaire with my own radio show and jean company – I want to make money off you honestly – I’m not going to lie to you now try to get you to buy something you don’t need at a inflated price, it’s not my style… I have ethics.

So if you need jeans – shop around (search “American made jeans”) there are a lot of medium and  small AMERICAN manufactures out there trying to keep the American dream alive with American workers – check them out and give them some business for you next pair of jeans. You just might help put food on some other America’s table without a government middleman.

If you ask me and you sort of did by reading this… Glenn Beck and no matter how much of a sincere ‘oh I care’ voice he puts on is not looking out for your wallet as much as he is looking out for his own.

Verdict … they are a ripoff unless they have some way of convincing me otherwise.

More links…

Buy American Project

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  • subie

    My Husband But You Deleted His Post. Guess You Cant Defend it.

    • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com/ AWG

      Do what? I didn’t delete a comment from this post …

  • supertwo

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  • robello22

    I guess you never sh0pped at any high end store. Do you get ALL your jeans a WalMart.?

    Frankly if you dont like the cost, dont buy them, go elsewhere. But yur so hateful you cant stand that someone is successful, you got to be one of those full of hate, demeaning, degrading Liberal Progressive who can’t see someone else succeed. Guess you will never own a business. I feel sorry for you!!!! Capitalism is GREAT!!!!!

    • LandofDave

      Liberal Progressing? Wow you’ve read nothing hear have you?
      BTW …
      I own my business thank you very much, and I never shop at Wal Mart I buy American jeans I’m just not lemming enough to pay over $100 a pair for them.

  • MyThghtsRmyOwn

    If you dont know anything about a product, dont write a review. You will look less foolish in the end. Selvage denim is very expensive and it doesnt fray. It lasts forever. It is high quality. There are many design details 1791 jeans have that the others you mentioned do not have. I know of one American jeans company that sells their denim for over $300. It takes them anywhere from $50 to $75 to create a pair. Beck’s jeans have details that cost a little more to incorporate PLUS IT IS SELVAGE DENIM. Those two things combined make for a more costly pair of jeans. If you dont know or care about selvage denim, then dont write a critique bashing 1791 for advertising it. Also, if you did an ounce of research you would know that, unlike your other brands listed, Beck did not look for the lowest bidder on the various places to assemble the parts. He overlooked low bidders in order to go with places that have historical context and meaning to American jeans. So his jeans cost more. They are worth more because of this too. In my mind, history is important. The history the American made jean is what Beck was going for with this product. His intention was not to make something cheaply for the hell of it or not reason at all. His intention was to give a nod to the history of American-made products. You are too small-minded to understand that concept. So instead, you bash something you have not adequately studied. If you want to save face, you should rethink your article. If you delete my post, I will resubmit it. If you ban me from posting, I will post under other names. I will not let you censure my free speech because you would prefer to bash this product due to your cheapness. For some reason, you want to disparage Beck and his product because you are cheap. That is sad.

    • LandofDave

      Ooooh selvedge blah blah blah … you can buy America made jeans for under $50 in some case under $40 (look it up) …. I know the value of a buck and no jeans are worth $100+ a pair – study that. You’re buying marketing and hype and you’re to dense to know it.

      • MyThghtsRmyOwn

        If you are too incapable of understanding exactly why they are worth more than the other brands you listed then your reading comprehension is lacking. I already explained it in my comment above so it should not be too hard for you to get. I think what is more at play here is your dislike for Beck. This is obvious because you certainly dont know a thing about the value of denim.

        • LandofDave

          Look at the country around you and put you energy into something that matters this is a very old post. Good lord who fucking cares about jeans today!

          • MyThghtsRmyOwn

            Yes, because my replying to an old post must mean that I dont put my energy into other things. It must mean that I have a one track mind. I have commented on this old post, thus, I obviously must not pay attention to any world events. Get real man. You have no idea what my energy is put into. And as far as who cares about jeans today: I do, I want a new pair. I wanted to read reviews before buying. I came across your review and was flabbergasted at your professed ignorance to the design features yet readily willing to blast your mouth off about them anyways. It just came across as an ignorant thing to do.

          • Pj

            You’re so right! I can’t afford 1971 jeans but I wish I could. They are developing a more affordable pair though which I’m pretty excited about.

  • Heyhowareya

    Do any of the suggestions you posted NOT sale Dad jeans?

  • jumperdave

    I bought a pair of the demin jeans and the first time I washed them, there is a hole started in the front. I am blown away. The instructions say to wear them for at least three months before washing but you can’t return them after 30 days. What a joke. Never again.

    • Jenn (made in the USA)

      OK, what brand of jeans are these? And WHO would wear jean for THREE MONTHS and NOT WASH THEM? ???? Ewweww. Maybe advertiser figures if people can smell you comming they might notice the jeans LOL.

  • Rick Heller

    Thanks for the review, I will be checking out the other Jean manufacturers too…

  • jeffthemacguy

    To be fair, Ralph Lauren Selvage Denim Jeans go for $100 more than Glenn’s.

  • jeffthemacguy

    To be fair, Ralph Lauren’s selvage denim jeans go for about $100 more than Glenn’s. Just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. If I were cross-shopping selvage denims, I’d be inclined to give 1791′s a shot. That being said, I prefer Carhartt or Duluth Trading. I’ve no idea where they are made, I do know that they are comfortable and fairly durable.

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