Jul 26

Liberals, Chick-fil-A and freedom of opinion…

Liberal’s are only liberal with their views and opinions. Was it not the liberals that tried to shut down conservative talk radio, conservative news shows and conservative papers? Liberals are anything but liberal with freedom…

Take the ballerina Rahm Emanual…

Emanuel goes after Chick-fil-A for boss’ anti-gay views

The anti-gay views openly espoused by the president of a fast food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches have run afoul of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a local alderman, who are determined to block Chick-fil-A from expanding in Chicago.

“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values,” Emanuel said Wednesday.

Chicago values? Hmm… what are those? Corrupt politics? High murder rate? High crime rate? Union pay-offs? Tell me Rahm what are Chicago values? Telling thugs to kill each other in allies instead of the sidewalk? Chicago values… so sorry I worked in Chicago and their values in many aspects are lacking. There are some nice areas and people in Chicago, but they are greatly out numbered.

Oh by the way…

Rahm welcomes help from Farrakahn, ignores anti-Semitic remarks

Ignoring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s history of anti-Semitic remarks, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday welcomed the army of men dispatched to the streets by Farrakhan to stop the violence in Chicago neighborhoods.

Nation of Islam marching against violence? Now that’s antithetical.

Guess that’s more of those Chicago values – embrace hate and condemn freedom of expression.

So why is it that people and corporations must bend to liberal values (As if they have any)? If Chick-fil-A which I personally don’t believe I’ve ever eaten at doesn’t support gay marriage that’s their business as a company to do that and no amount of liberal whining and protest is going to change the owner’s mind. Who cares what Rahm “ballerina” Emanuel thinks as he is nothing but a corrupt Chicago thug that never lets a good crisis go to waste.

See that’s the thing with liberals – it is not enough for them to have their views you must have their views too – for a group like liberals that claims to believe in all types of freedoms – only believe in their definition of freedom and oppose all of your freedoms. There are plenty of liberal companies I will not do business with as one of my freedoms but I do not want to deny them their right to exist or to do business and I’m not going to waste my time marching in front of their headquarters.

Take Progressive Auto Insurance – their political views are in their name! ‘Progressive’ … which is strange since they support abortion – not many fetuses progress with that. Additionally I can not stand Flo – that ugly women needs to go.  But just because they support liberals views I’m going to go protest them, I just won’t do business with them.

Side note – never understood why libtards are called “progressive” – if we followed their beliefs we’d all be living in caves and hunting for berries and I call that regressive, not progressive.

And that’s my little advice to the libtards – if you don’t like Chick-fil-A’s political position then vote with your wallet and go have a Sonic Burger another libtard company I will not go to, but they have their right to exist just like Chick-fil-A does – why can’t you just accept that not everyone believes what you do?

If you are so progressive then why don’t you evolve like your hapless leader?

What did you do Sonic Drive-In?

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