Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 29

Vice President Rand Paul?


Study: Over 20 debates, Paul attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times — but never once attacked Romney Caveat: The study comes from Think Progress. But in case you’re inclined to doubt it because of its provenance, note that The Corner’s Patrick Brennan also reviewed transcripts from the last seven debates dating back to January 7 and …

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Feb 27

The Con Artist…

Coming to a ballot box near you…

Feb 25

Movie of the Week #108 – Battle Beyond the Stars


Battle Beyond the Stars It just ocured to me today that I haven’t posted a real cheesy movie in a while… well the original Planet of the Apes is a little cheesy. Now I’m talking real American Cheese here the films I love… in this Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond the Stars it’s complete with Playboy model Sybil Danning …

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Feb 24

The privilege of being an American is paying more taxes or the old people get it…

Geithner: ‘Privilege of Being an American’ Is Why Rich Need Higher Taxes “That’s the kind of balance you need,” said Geithner. “Why is that the case? Because if you don’t try to generate more revenues through tax reform, if you don’t ask, you know, the most fortunate Americans to bear a slightly larger burden of …

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Feb 24

Runaway Slave the movie…

Blacks Enslaved by Left, Argues New Film Around 200 people gathered in a D.C. theater last night to watch the Washington premiere of Runaway Slave, a documentary by African-American Tea Party activist Rev. C. L. Bryant that encourages the black community to rethink its 95 percent voting rate for the Democratic Party. Drawing on the …

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Feb 24

The facts are like dessert – they’re saved for the very end…

So lower jobless claims sounds great doesn’t it? Happy days are here again unemployment is down… well not so fast, let’s have a look-see, let’s do something radical and read all the why to the last line… Unemployment aid applications stay at 4-year low Here are the first 3 paragraphs – this is all most …

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Feb 23


OK who all was forced to take Latin in skoo? I was!! So what’s Quadragesima? It’s Lent … you know the Christian one, not the stuff in your belly button and after much thought I finally decided that I’m giving up paying taxes for Lent… what did you give up?         Anyone that …

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Feb 22

Arguing with Liberals…

Paraphrased conversation with a crazy Eco-Vegan Ultra Liberal COEXIST friend of mine… I’m leaving names and off topic stuff out… but you’ll get the point. [START] Ultra Lib: The government can tell churches to provide contraception. AWG: Really? So much for separation of church huh?… Ultra-Lib: It’s not the same thing? AWG: Yes it is… you whine and cry …

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Feb 19

Movie of the Week #107 – Seven


Se7en What is it with the number 7? Seven days to create the earth Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Seven levels of Heaven Seven level of Hell Seven joys of Virgin Mary Seven sorrows of Virgin Mary Seven Corporal Seven spiritual acts of Mercy Seven gates of Heaven Seven doors of Hell Seven feast… (Actually …

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Feb 17

McDonald’s Introduces New Diet Meal


McDonald’s introduces new diet meal guaranteed to make you loose weight… The McUgly I dare you to try and finish this meal with that ugly mug staring at you.

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